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We Do or We Do Not!

March 2, 2009
By Anonymous

Everyone wants to see new things, right? If there were no public television anymore, would we know about anything that is new? I strongly believe that public television should have commercials because we are educaled about new products, new shows, and new environments. There are so many things that we don't know and that's why we need commercials. For the people that don't have tv's could hear it on radios or news pape. The people that watch tv should pay more attention to what are out there if they don't they won't no what is happenning. Let's go on and I will tell more about it.
There are new products out there! One of the new products is clothing. Commercials show new clothing, telling us what is out there that we can buy, like to Target, Wal-mart, Shopko and Kohl's. Furthermore, they tell us when machandise is 50 percent off! That makes us want to buy more and more. Commercials tell us what food there is or is not in stores. If there were no food commercials or food products how would we know what there is to buy?
My second reason is commcails about what shows are playing and which ones are new. We do need commercials on PBS kids or NBC so we'll know what we to really want to watch. NBC has a show called 'Night Rider.' It came out about a month ago, and itadvertised itself with commercials, telling it's viewers about it and what it about.
My third reason that commercials teach us about new environment that we need. First are the commericals about making houses. Commercials about houseing make people wonder if they want the fix there house or help out the environment by making new houses. Now going into cars are things that human beings want and need in their life. After all, commercials help make us see the new changes of the cars and how they are form. Farther more, commercials show us how the cars are developing and metled on. These are the things that we need to know about in the future.
I believe that public television should have commercials. No one can live with out commercials. They telling us about clothes, cars, food, and shows that we may want to watch. Don't forget to watch those commercials that are showing. If commericals weren't around, what would we really want to do?

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