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   Providence, RI: Having visited Johnson & Wales for the second time, I have become quite familiar with both the university's curriculum and activities. The curriculum assists the students in exploring their choice of major by providing hands-on experiences during the program at Johnson & Wales. The activities provided by this extraordinary university are from a vast array of interests. They have activities that coincide with both the students' majors and their interests.

The curriculum at Johnson & Wales is a very unique. Why, you ask? How many colleges and universities do you know that have an upside-down curriculum? Not many, I would guess. The upside-down curriculum is an innovative approach that allows the student to begin by studying in their intended major from the start of their college education. An advantage of this curriculum is two degrees in four years, because a student begins career preparation on the first day of class.

Another beneficial aspect of Johnson & Wales is the four-day week. This four-day week enables the students to have more concentrated study in each subject area during the four days and then three days for either personal or academic pursuits, or a part-time job. This schedule also enables the students to have greater interaction with their professors.

The activities at Johnson & Wales range in a variety of interests, including both sports and organizations. Some sports include ice hockey, baseball, softball, tennis, volleyball, and even flag football. There are many clubs within J & W: Ski Club, Black Student Union, Life Signs and also Students Organized Against Racism. Johnson & Wales also offers recreational exercise rooms with weight equipment, stairclimbers, and exercise bicycles. This is important because after talking to a student at J & W, he informed me that all the freshmen in the Culinary and Baking and Pastry Arts program put on what is known as the "freshman twenty." They say all freshman gain at least twenty pounds their first year at Johnson & Wales. Not only does this university offer extra curricular activities but also sponsor a variety of dances, plays, and concerts throughout the school year. These activities help relieve the stress the students feel during the week.

Since Johnson & Wales is so well known for their Culinary Arts program, I highly recommend that the student interested in this field of study visit this fine university. n

Reviewed in 1993

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