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Attack On Samoha

May 20, 2009
By St0rm BRONZE, Bay City, Michigan
St0rm BRONZE, Bay City, Michigan
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February 17, 2021

"Ahh... today feels like a great day for the Brotherhood." I said as I grabbed a cup of freshly brewed hot coffee.
"It's just too bad for GDI though, they won't realize what happened until we've completed our mission."
I was speaking of course about one of the largest of the Brotherhood's propaganda plans in history. Just a little over a month ago, the Brotherhood managed to capture a platoon of thirty-two Mobile Rocket Launcher Systems (MRLS). Our engineer Brothers retooled the MRLSs for long-range and so they could also be remote-controlled. Our target for them was a town called Samoha near an abundant source of tiberium--and tiberium life. We would bombard the town with relatively weak missiles so the civilians would lose faith in GDI. Before this, though, Samoha was a neutral city in this war. This scheme would change that. Once the MRLSs bombarded the city for a while and the citizens realized it was 'GDI' attacking them, the Elite Nod Strike Force Team would destroy the MRLSs and save the town. We also had a backup squad of Black Hand soldiers in case the tiberian creatures near the town became disgruntled and attacked.
For some reason, tiberian life near Samoha are relatively docile considering the behavior I have usually seen from them. The Samoha zoo even includes a tiberian fiend named Steven. I've been told you can go up to Steven and feed him. Now, Steven is fat.
Putting these thoughts aside, I walked out of the Montauk's break room and into the Montauk's main room where I took my seat as the commander of the Montauk. The technicians were hard at work putting the trajectory of the MRLSs (long-range missiles) loaded inside the MRLSs, running simulations, studying various levels of tiberium in the air, observing the behaviors of the tiberium life now surrounding us, and making sure everything is ready to go. I wouldn't doubt that most of them had spent the entire night doing this. Some of them must have been hyped up on coffee because they stammered when they talked. I looked up on the Montauk's monitor and assessed the battlefield. I saw a moderately large city with a few skyscrapers. I saw a tiberian fiend napping in a small tiberium patch. I saw a few floaters checking out the Montauk's hull every now and then.
"I didn't know tiberian creatures woke up so early." I chuckled.
"Okay, now for the checklist," I said.
"MRLS optical computers functional?"
"MRLS overall systems functioning?"
"MRLSs armed and ready to fire?"
"Mountauk systems functional?"
"Cloaking systems functional?"
"Okay, then all systems are ready to go."
"CABAL online, radar functioning, etc.," I continued. "Give me the time when the Philidelphia will pass Samoha."
"At 6:32 a.m.." a technician replied.
"That gives us about 2 hours..." I said.
I radioed the Strike Force and Black Hand to ready their troops.
"We will be firing missiles in t-minus 10 minutes." I told them.
The Strike Team consisted mainly of veterans that fought in the First Tiberian War. When the Second Tiberian War started they reenlisted to form the best Nod tactical squadron GDI and Nod had ever seen. They were the fastest, most reliable, and obedient soldiers in the Brotherhood. Of course they weren't as disciplined as the Black Hand, the Strike Force were known for exceptional bravery in battle. On the other hand, the Black Hand (no pun intended), was a special operations team trained to deal with tiberian life, elite squads of infantry or light vehicles, destroying or sabotaging buildings, the list goes on and on. Both of them could rip any opposing force apart in no time. Even a Mammoth Mk. II or a patrol of Orca Bombers couldn't beat them. Both were the pride of the Brotherhood. And they didn't really like each other. Black Hand soldiers referred to the Strike Force as "undisciplined" or "civilians with shotguns and pistols". While the Strike Force referred to the Black Hand as "snobby" and "spoiled".
It was now time for the countdown until firing the missiles. I opened the button's guard and counted down...
"FIRE!" I yelled.
"Missiles 1 - 16 fired!"
"Fire missiles 17 - 32!" I ordered.
"Missiles 17 - 32 fired!"
I commed the Strike Force and told them to move in. Then I commed the Black Hand and told them to evacuate some civilians to safety until this was over.
"Make it look good." I said.
The Montauk's floor was shaking. I saw that the tiberian creatures were getting agitated. Then they started to move towards the city. I commed the Black Hand and told them to watch out for them. They would keep their eyes open. I now watched the monitor and took in what was happening. The missiles looked really good when they hit the buildings. Small pieces of debris were falling onto the streets below. Just a few minutes ago the citizens of Samoha were cozy in their beds or maybe getting an early start on the day. Now they were panic-stricken. The chaos didn't last long once the Black Hand got there. The civilians were being evacuated to safety extremely quickly and orderly. The Strike Force had almost finished destroying the MRLSs. There were now only about six left. The tiberian creatures had just arrived at the city and now were being slaughtered by the Black Hand's new pyrosniper rifles and portable obelisks. The Strike Force had just finished with the MRLSs and were now in the town mopping up the remaining tiberian lifeforms. People were hugging and kissing the members of the Black Hand that saved them. We had done it. We won the neutral town of Samoha, a rich tiberium source, and many more recruits for the Brotherhood. Maybe, seeing this, other neutral civilian towns will join the Brotherhood without the need to use propaganda.

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on Oct. 18 2010 at 12:41 pm
CrazyKid56 BRONZE, Fredericksburg, Virginia
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I liked this story..It reminded me of Fallout 3 which i love. Keep writing!

Bex1997 said...
on Sep. 9 2009 at 3:37 pm
I think this is a quality article, very, very good! *clap*