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The Dream of Baseball

October 19, 2009
By Albert Mcnair BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
Albert Mcnair BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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The Phoenix, Arizona sun makes its way slowly behind Camel Back Mountain. My team strolls up to the stadium in our white columbine jerseys, navy blue hats, socks, and tennis shoes. We show our player’s nametag to the security and went through the authorized personal only door. Through the door was a big concrete hall that circles around the whole bottom of the stadium. All through out the hall there are doors that have baseballs, personal bats, and field equipment. Finally, we reach the door that said home team locker room. Once we got inside the locker room, we saw our pants, jackets, and equipment in our own private lockers. Each locker had our names on a plaque in silver cursive writing. There was flat screens television all over the locker room tuned to our game. On right now was the pre game report with news reporters talking a bunch of none since just to take up time.

We grabbed our bats and stride down a flight of stairs to a personal hitting cage. We tuned into some music and then stepped on the green turf grass and started to hit and take cuts. After an hour of constant white baseballs through at us to hit we headed back up the stairs back to the locker room. We set down our bats and grabbed our gloves, and headed up to the dugout. The first thought that ran through my head when I saw this field was, “This is it”. I was stunned… it was really the baseball dream. Grass green and cut perfectly, perfect amount of dirt and soft, grass infield, net back stop, dirt mound and bleach white bases. After, standing in shock for a minute we jogged out to the first base outfield line and start throwing. Fans start coming in as we head down back to the locker room.

About an hour before game time we put on a baseball pants and our cleats, and brought the equipment up to the dugout. Since our team was the home team we got to take the field for infield and outfield practice. Next was batting practice on the field. All of us like this because we can show off on how far you get hit it. The one thing about Arizona air is that it’s thicker then the mile high city so the ball doesn’t go as far.

After a few more stretches and mental preparation the game finally come upon us and the teams left the locker rooms and headed to the dugout. The coaches met at home plate with the umpires. The head coaches shake hands and break jogging back to their dugouts. Both teams hold up and say a few words and then break. We took the field I jog to back behind home plate. The pitcher throws a couple of warm pitches before the game began. The game was exciting all way until the bottom of the 9th inning and it’s all tied up. I’m up to bat-there are two out and I have a full count. The pitcher winded up and throws a fastball right down the middle of the plate. I swing with all my might and make contact-the ball travels over the center field fence for a walk of homerun to win the game.

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