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The Cave

September 21, 2007
By Anonymous

There was no tolerance for their kind. No tolerance for growing or laughing, just for work and power. The cave was getting more and more crowded. There was less and less space. Often the hiders would have to double up on cots. It was cold, damp, there was never enough food to go around, and the air reeked of loneliness. Why you might ask where they living in these sort of conditions? Well where else where they going to go? To the community, to the castle, or maybe even to the big man himself?

Actually these ones where considered the lucky ones. The others were shipped to learning camps to become part of the big man’s forces. Here they could learn to love and provided for each other and not be brainwashed and forced to do what the big man said. They didn’t have to be military or government leaders. Yes, here where the lucky ones, the ones who were free in their minds, the last of their kind children. The big man made his scientist create a formula to make every one in the community live forever. After they had reached adulthood the society would be perfect. There would be just enough people to do the required tasks, and with the community staying the same forever the big man could plan out the future of the community without any unknowns, like how many people there were to be fed and taken care of.
The Big Man was the head honcho. He was the government, it was him alone who decided t he fate and the progress of the community. They had been taken away from their parents to be raised in camps away from their parents so that they could be emotionless and then programmed to do what ever the big man could imagine. Eventually the society was to be completely free of emotion, no love and laughter. However there was a plan to over-run the government and to be finally free at last.

It was a plan to over run the capitol and take the big man off of his throne. Every one was in on it. There were parents, children, and even government officials, which were in on the plan to see the big man’s reign end. And who was to lead this plan? It would be lead by Nathan, a man of seventeen years, who had been elected the leader of the hiders. The plan was simple. They had two weeks until the plan was to be executed. During the big mans birthday party the children where to come out from under the drains in the castle and run amuck. While this was happening the inside officials and Nathan would present a choice to the big man. Either free the children, stop oppressing the community, and peacefully step down, or die.

It was the eve of battle. Tensions were running high. Everyone was anxiously awaiting the speech. The speech was the tradition of the community. Any time there was a battle, a siege, or the beginnings of a war a speech was give to raise the moral of the army and anyone else who wanted to here. This time instead of being in the community square it was given in the cave. The place where the most valuable possessions where hiding. The speech was giving by Nathan, the leader and commander. It was an elegant a speech of victory and gaining back what is rightfully yours. It brought tears in many eyes and it spread even more hope throughout the dwelling place.

It was time. The birthday toast had just been given and there were cheers all around for the big man. The third hooray was the cue. The children jump out from the sewer grates and began there battle to become free. They managed to gather all the guests and put them in one of the smaller bed rooms. There didn’t want them to escape or see the leader make is final choice to surrender or to be killed. When Nathan gave the big man his choice the big man just smiled. Then from nowhere the guards had come out. They had been doubled cross, and now the big man had all the children together. He then gave the children the same choice as he had been given and with that he went to free the hostage guests and return to his party.

The captured children where placed in the work and training camps to do the big mans bidding. After a while they had been brain washed to forget the plan and the attempt to kill the big man. The children are now grown up and are the closest most personal guards to the big man. The big man had won and his overall plan had succeeded. He was now in control of every one forever. There was no one who knew how to think and who could over rule him. The story of the cave and the hiding children has been long forgot and erased for the mind of all those who still live in the community.

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This story started out very strong, but I think the ending was a little weak. I love the phrase: "the air reeked of loneliness." You had some spelling mistakes, as well.