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The Dark

April 25, 2008
By Anonymous

Hello, I am Yoko. I am Vietnamese. I am a solider in the dark ages. This war is between Cambodia and Vietnam, I am a Samaria in the war. It was not yet sunrise. I had two hours left with my family. I hugged my wife feeling her soft warm skin touch mine. Then I left. I wasn't seen for three years. I wasn't killed, but I was injured. But the important thing was my squad made it out.
I was on the battlefield. the Cambodian army was in sight I was horrified at first. But as we got closer, I got braver. Time
seemed to slow down, 5 seconds to collision, 4seconds, we let out are battle cry, 3 seconds my sword was ready, 2 seconds I started my attack, 1 second we all screamed for our family's freedom, 0 we collided. I swooped down on my victim, killing him before he had a chance to fight back. Blood spattered on my armor and my face. Why am I here? Why am I killing these people? I asked myself. I didn't care what I thought right now. I killed what tried to kill me. I was a child again being tested for my swordplay.
“Why master why do I have to kill people?”
“Well,” said my master,” The reason we kill is so we can have freedom!” “Oh” I said.
But right now I had no mercy. All I had was shame. I wanted blood and I got what I wanted. One after the other the Cambodians fell underneath my feet. But then it happened a volley of arrows rained down on us.
Crap!” I cried out as I was hit by a stray arrow. I could take it. I know I could, I had to. For my family and country. But I wanted more blood but there was none left to take. So we went home.
It was the next week and we were fighting again but this time we had to retreat. This time the Cambodians were winning. I couldn't believe it! I was one of five left and we had to retreat. A squad of five was a small one.

We lived, but barely. We lived of the forest and the sun, and saw a Cambodian squad we ripped it to pieces.
We then came across some wild horses and captured five of them, one for each of us. We went back to get the Cambodian goods. “We tried to find our army, but we don't have any luck! Not even a little luck!
We never have any dang luck!”I screamed. All night we sparred are fingers screeching at every blow.
We came across a waterfall, the water clean and clear water through the rocks. We filled ourselves with it and our last loaf of bread. We sparred again all night. I remembered when I threw down the Cambodians as they screamed, I laughed. We captured a Cambodian solider soon he would be dead.
So we left him, red eyed and angry. We got home and I died of old age. I'm a worm under death's foot.

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Favorite Quote:
"Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible."

This is so terrifying how he lusted for blood, but it's true how some people actually do these things without even knowing what they're doing.

I liked it.

Keep writing!