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It was one of the most important games of the year

January 25, 2008
By Anonymous

One day the Detroit Tigers where playing in the 3rd game of the world series against the St. Louis Cardinals the score was 1-1 on the game chart. When out of no where there was a gun shot was heard then on coming the gun shot was a scream from the old news paper warehouse. The crowd became very quiet even the players stopped and just listened well all but the player that hit the ball. After a couple of minutes of quiet me and my brother went out to see what happened. On are way out an old man said,''Your a fool'' i just stared at him and walked away. As we approached the building i was ready thinking about going back. But it was to late I was already at the rusty iron doors that where about five feet taller the I am. I slowly opened it. My heart is going to blow up. I thought as I peeked into the dark room and walked in. I looked behind to make sure that Michael was still behind me good

I thought but he was just standing there frozen pointing at me or at least in my direction I froze to then turned around slowly hoping what I thought wasn't true. I was still turning around when I heard a heart stopping groan followed by footsteps cu- clunk cu- clunk then they stopped .I felt a warm breath by my neck and turned it was a werewolf. I must have passed out because I woke up 3 days later in a hospital I asked the nurse what happened she said you suffered a severe concussion. I asked what happened at the game? She said,'' What game''? I said the Detroit Tigers world series game she said,'' What are you talking about you must have got hit in the head good the tigers haven't played in a world series game in almost 20 years and it's not even baseball season'' . I was so confused that I just went back to bed for another hour. When I woke up I asked what the date was she said 2004 I said no its not its 2006 see I will even show u I got up and walked over to the calender and saw January,13,06 I could feel my eyes getting bigger and bigger and my heart getting smaller and smaller thats when I found out I went back in time some how. I closed my eyes and went to ask the nurse if that calender was up to date she said, ''I just put it up a week ago''. I asked her if she say a person that looked like me with brown curly hair and tan skin with brown eyes? She said, ''Umm''... ''Let me check I will be right back'' And off she went to do the 2nd floor. I wonder if she is going to come back, I thought to my self. I just sat around for her to come back but when I noticed that it's been almost an hour since she left I started to panic and wonder if Michael was here and if he was if he was okay. I left me bed in the hospital room to go look for my nurse. I started walking down a long hall way and heard a noise the same one as I heard when I got attacked in the building so I started to walk faster and faster but ever time I walked faster it didn't seem like i was going any where then I felt a breath from the back of my head turned around and closed my eyes . It was truly a werewolf no doubt about I was having a werewolf breathing on the back of my neck. I tried to scream for help but I couldn't I was in shock! I couldn't even move my legs let alone run away I started to twitch and i went in and out of concisenesses and fell to the ground! I woke up with an ivsd in my arm and about six different doctors around me saying,''Stop the bleeding stop the bleeding I can't I can't''. I must have got bit by the werewolf now i'm going to turn into one! I thought to my self as I was falling in and out of concisenesses. I woke up again with doctors above me but this time they had a different look on there faces a scared frightened look on there face almost like they where looking at a ghost. But then it hit me they weren't looking at a ghost there where looking at me! I got up and growled looked at me hands and feet there were covered in hair and my finger nails and toe nails where huge I growled again and hit a doctor out of my way and ran though the door. I closed my eyes and screamed my grueling scream my bone chilling scream then looked at the wonderful moon and screamed some more I couldn't stop screaming no moder how hard I tried I just couldn't stop screaming. So I took it out on the people on the street with my anger I charged the people on the sidewalks. Just the look of the person face I attacked made me calm down and stop screaming but once I stopped attacking the person I would begin to scream again so I kept attacking people until it the sun rose. I could feel my bones beginning to change back into human shaped bones and the hair start to disappear and my body start to shrink. Then I heard my moms voice,'' Brandon Brandon Brandon come on Brandon where going to be late for church''. I sprung out of bed with a sweaty face and my bed all messed up and I was befuddled because I thought I was really a werewolf and that I went back into time. Well like they say you never know the truth until a werewolf bites you.

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This was an interesting story, but I would suggest going back and editing it. There were a few spelling errors and run-on sentences. Otherwise, great job on the story!