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Danger Is Always A Part Of Life

June 16, 2011
By Writing4Pub DIAMOND, Colts Neck, New Jersey
Writing4Pub DIAMOND, Colts Neck, New Jersey
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I felt the cool breeze on my face, as my thumb was fully extended making my quad reach its top speed. This was many years ago when I was only of the age of six. I was across the street from my house where there were acres upon acres of land. I was with my father and his two friends, Bobby and Keith. We were all friends even with the large age difference. All that mattered to me at that moment was that another day in mid summer would have been spent wisely.

We were all riding quads out of joy, and for these moments everyone I was with were acting like young kids that were care free, with no worries at hand. After we were riding in the meadow for a little while, we then rode around the woods for a while before making our way back across the street to reach home.
Bobby, Keith, and my father were all competing with each other to see how fast they could each go. All three of there quads were monstrous with engines that were at least 700cc’s. My tiny little Eton was a baby blue color and was extremely tiny compared to their quads. This quad was only a mere 40cc’s and couldn’t go anywhere close to the speeds that these other quads went. Even though my quad wasn’t fast, it could still cruise at a quick speed in a few seconds.
We started to make our way around the woods and were only a few more turns and straight-aways before we could cross the street to get back home. There was a large hill in front of us that was blocking our way of getting home. Instead of a hill it can be considered a really steep mound of dirt that was about five feet high that takes some skill and practice to be able to overcome easily. My father got over it with ease. Then followed by Bobby, he was able to overcome this monstrous obstacle.
I was the next person to take on the threat. I pushed the throttle forward with my right thumb and stood up, ready to distribute my body weight so my quad would not flip over. I leaned forward so that my body touched the handle bars. I just climbed up the hill. I then went into a squat and leaned back as my quad went down the other side. “I made it in one piece.”I thought to myself. I then saw that there was at least a twenty-five foot ditch straight in front of me with thorns and vines all on the bottom of the ditch. I reacted quickly and I yanked the handle bars to one side with all the strength I had in my tiny body. I also shifted my weight so that it went in the direction away from the ditch. I came to an abrupt stop as my right rear wheel was hanging off of the ditch.
“That was the scariest moment I have ever experienced in my life!” I exclaimed to my father once I had recovered from all of the previous events. It was a split second decision and with the help of adrenaline I was able to save myself from death. I realized that you should always live life everyday as if it was your last because moments like these engulf the lives of everyone almost all of the time.

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