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Warning: Stay Home

October 1, 2011
By notmehaha GOLD, Suffolk, Virginia
notmehaha GOLD, Suffolk, Virginia
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"Be who you are and say what you feel. Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Suess

If you thought your basement at night was scary, try walking alone in the dark by yourself. I had just left hanging out with a few friends, lost track of time, and what do you know? It's already late. Now I know I could of just called someone to pick me up but I'm much more on the individual side and wasn't going to let some dim light get me down. I closed my friend's front door and began to head down her driveway. Each step closer to my house seemed like some never ending walkway to rapists, kidnappers, and any other kind of sick person out there.I was twelve years old and didn't even have a flashlight on me. I wish I wore some tennis shoes because if worse comes to worse, I might have a chance to escape the horror. Though I had converse. Flat bottomed shoes and their strength sure wasn't running. For every car that passed by I ducked as low s possible. No one seemed to cause any trouble. I was actually pretty surprised that no one went up to m and went, "Hey kid, don't you think it's a little late for someone your age to be walking around like that?" If that ever happened, I'd be lucky not to wet my pants at the sight of the person. Something...Or someone flew past me. Maybe just my imagination. I pretended I wasn't scared. I pretended that everything would just be fine. Well, I was sure lying to myself. Over me towered a roughly six foot man wearing completely black. I froze like time had completely stopped. I knew it, I knew I must of saw someone earlier, but I wasn't really sure. His voiced boomed like thunder. "Hey, I lost my dog here a few hours ago. He's brand new so probably doesn't know these streets very well. Mind helping me find him? How stupid did I really look to him? No way would I even consider "helping" him.

"N-no thanks." The words had just barely slipped through my lips. He shrugged and walked on. That incident was more than enough to make me be more careful. Wow, i wish I had a phone on me! I let out a sigh of relief when I reached a nearby park. Though that wasn't enough to be completely sure I was safe. A lot could happen in 6 long blocks. "Maybe I should start running." I thought. Darting through the air like a swift bullet I stopped in my tracks when a car slowed down by me. Why Did i stop running? Why couldn't I just kept going? Too late now. My fear got the best of me and I couldn't move an inch. Another man. His voice was even deeper and much more scarier. The friendly way he spoke made me more cautious. He gave me a half smile. I could see his teeth. A dirty yellow color. He got out of the car and met up with me. "You want a ride hone?" He asked, casually. Maybe I should change my look or something because something gives off some vibe that makes me look like I ave the brain of a seven year old. "No thanks, it's only down that st-..." I caught myself. I almost told him where I lived! I finished with, "Uh, I mean, it's a few blocks down. I'll be find, thanks." and started speed walking like an old grandma. He followed. "You sure, kid? You look kind of scared." he called out. "I'm fine!" I called back. I was too far to hear his last sentence. I could make it now. The only thing I had to worry about was getting an earful of yelling as soon as I came home, but that was okay. I reached my front door, it was unlocked. I stepped inside and everything looked different. Furniture, placement of the staircase, everything. Where was I? Then it hit me. I'm in the wrong house! So maybe I do have delayed reaction but it all comes to me sooner or later. Plus come on, it' dark, the house looked the same, I'm tired. I looked around. Was anyone home? Wasn't sure. Better head out now while I had the chance. Someone closed a door in the house. I face-palmed and looked left and right, all jittery, like when you get all worked up in Hide-and-Seek, A closet! No, wait. That was too simple. I better think of somewhere fast or else. I leaped behind a couple of couches. Took long breaths and tried keeping my air in as long as possible. I didn't even know who it was. Too nervous to check. The curiosity ate me up inside and I had to take a peek. Oh no. Oh no! It was...My principal. A loud scream replayed itself over and over again in my head until it just faded away. Well, panicking wouldn't do much, but thinking might. Now what to do? I could wait and break for it. I could pretend I was blind and had an honest mistake. I could cover my face and just run now. None seemed to do just right. Though I had limited options right now and was to scared to try any of them. Though I could just fess up with the truth and everything would be just fine. Yeah, that sounded great. My knees shook as I tried getting up. "It's now or never." I thought. I got up. My principal wasn't even there anymore. Even better. Now I could just leave. My feet lead me to the door and as I twisted the knob I noticed there was a sticker that had an alarm system company's logo on it. My jaw touched the floor and my eyes grew the size of grapefruits. Cuss words of all kinds ran through my head. Now they began to shoot out my mouth as well. I had no choice. I was staying here for the night.

I sat inside a bathroom near the front door. I hope I wouldn't get caught. I don't know how I fell asleep. Either hanging out with my friend, the moon for a few hours or my Anemia knocked me out. Either way I slept like a baby and didn't wake until probably 8:00 in the morning. My principal was up. Which meant the alarm was off. I creeped out the door and as I walked toward to my house I thought everything would be just dandy. I was wrong. Police cars swarmed around my house like bees on a new patch of flowers. I managed to get past all of them and there stood my family, with worried expressions on their faces. My mom was going crazy. She began to shake one of the cops. I wonder if most police workers have to deal with the nonsense from uncalm people. Forgot about that when my dad yelled my name. My family almost knocked me over when they greeted me, but I know I was in for it big time. I was right. Thank God, that was over with. So that's my story on my big night adventure. Also, one tip, if you ever have to walk alone at night, bring a friend.

The author's comments:
Another fail at "horror." People say I'm more of a comedian anyways. Well, practice makes perfect. This is a story about an adventure at night. Except it doesn't end too well...

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