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Maiden in the Current chapter 2

April 10, 2013
By magnoliacricket SILVER, Greenville, Georgia
magnoliacricket SILVER, Greenville, Georgia
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Twenty Five dreary years passed and the only time people mentioned the tragedy were those only brave enough to whisper it to their children in the home. This boy however either did not understand the dread of this story or he was he just didn’t care at all. His name was Otime Kisshen and he was blunt as a child and stubborn as a young man . The more you told Otime to not do something the more he wanted to do it.

When he was out in the town the neighbors would yell at him for singing songs loudly as he grabbed fruits out of the baskets with no care. His feet were dirty and his hair was shining red in the sun. Otime had a strong laugh and often pulled practical jokes on the gray townspeople. The strangest thing about Otime was he did not fear the Homeless Sea and swam in the shallow water and tried to splash people who were close enough.

“He is obviously not from around here!” Mrs.Barquedi gossiped.

That was true.. He was not from here at all. He and his family were one of the families moved by fate to this land. No one bothers to talk to the family , let alone ask where these strange people are from.

The town seemed to know as much as they wanted.

His mother was a small woman with long hair down to the ground. The large waves of her hair seemed to swallow her body to the point where all you saw was her freckled face and her thin arms sticking out . His father was a rather tall man with a big blue snake resting on his shoulders. He wore them like jewelry but they happily played along his giant fingers as rings or wrapped around his waist to be a belt.

They were both in love with music , at least what they thought was music. High clanking and clacking would always play into the night , leaving the neighbors to toss and turn.

The banker next door complained “ That dreadful family is always singing !! To make it worse you hear that clinking and the stinking of cooking . The constant hissing , their eye burning bright blue house , and their strange fears and superstitions . If there is one thing missing right now is my sleep so Custos please grant me one wish. Make the Kisshens disappear !”

It was sunset and the family sat on the roof watching the ocean shine. The mother said to the boys “ How about you shout to the maiden of the sea! I’m sure she will be able to hear you where ever she is !” Otime and his father without hesitation screamed “ MARRY ME MAIDEN!!!!!” His father’s deep mighty voice echoed across the whole town as most of the neighbors scowled at the Kisshens. “How childish!!” the wife of the banker growled before slamming the door.

Otime asked his parents “ Dad you are already married? You can’t have her!” The father smiled saying “ Well maybe I am trying to get her to marry you ! As if any other woman would .”, while snickering.

His father looked at his wife and continued to speak “ Even if I saw the maiden I would still think your mother is the most beautiful, but even if you wanted the maiden, it’s just a fable.”

Otime hated having people say he couldn’t do something. Maybe he was a fool who believed he could do the impossible? Did he like a challenge ? Or was it that he didn’t fear death?

For days it pestered his mind, but even Otime thought it was crazy. The more he thought about it the more he wanted to do it. “So what if no one has ever found the maiden! They can’t if they don’t even try!”, he pouted.

He was determined to build a boat ! A mighty boat that could stand all the biggest of monsters, the hardest of storms and all the perils he would have to face. The boat he made was sunflower yellow with the name being “Mayday” The townspeople stayed farther away from the family now that they saw what he was building. All except Mr.Wolf.

“ What kind of fool are you child!!? Who names a boat that!? You know that’s what you

scream when you are in danger!”

Otime knew exactly what it meant but replied “ I like danger so this is the perfect name !” Mr. Wolf would do this routine every day by passing by and waving his cane at him . “ No No Boy!!! You can’t test it out tonight ! Don’t you see that red night sky?? That’s supposed to mean DOOM to sailors!!!”

As much as the old man nagged at Otime , he knew it was only because he cared.

The Mayday was finally finished in the spring time and his parents were proud of Otime.

“ If there is a person who can do it , it will be you.”

The view was just as clear and perfect as the day of the Maiden Race, a eerie reminder to the townspeople as they grimaced and went inside their homes.

Otime smelled the fresh salty air and had his whole boat set up with fresh water and stinky jerky for many weeks. His parents stood in the water and helped him push off yelling “ You better be good to her!!”

Otime did not worry and neither did his parents because they all had faith.

He was not sent off with a celebration or any good tidings from the others. Mr. Wolf just looked away but yet couldn’t walk home. No one mentioned of this and strangers never knew this but Mr. Wolf was crying, crying for the son he long lost in the Homeless Sea.

Otime wasn’t sure what obstacles he might face since his heart was set on the beloved of Custos. He just knew that he wouldn’t be coming back till he succeeded.

The town watched him on the clear day until he was a tiny yellow speck far yonder. Then there was no more.

The author's comments:
I would like to thank my cousin Grace. She is what keeps me going for this story. Without her child like wonder and intelligence I wouldn't strive to make a great story for her. :)

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