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JANE Chapter 2

October 18, 2013
By Poison-ivy SILVER, Park City, Utah
Poison-ivy SILVER, Park City, Utah
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The suited man took a cursory glance at the black screen in behind him. I could tell my comments were agitating him.

Despite my situation, at that moment I felt complacent. The sight of seeing my captor frustrated made me feel like, well, me again. Of course I wouldn’t be happy for long if I continued what I was doing.

“Do you know what this company is capable of doing?” the old man stressed.

I shrugged dismissively.

“Do you even know what we’ve done to the USC?”

I chuckled darkly. “Would you like me to list chronologically, or alphabetically?” I didn’t know the details of what this man had done to the USC, but I was guessing that his company and its past was not a pretty one.

The man pushed himself away from me and vanished through the bolted metal door. I heard a metallic voice come out of the recording camera.

“It’s time for something we call, discipline,” it said. “Something you clearly lack at the USC.”

My eyes grew wide. No amount of cerebral thinking was going to get me out of this one.

My mind began to overwork.

Things I was thinking about at that moment: electric chairs, clever comebacks, escape routes, and who exactly was watching me through that black screen.

Then, the metallic voice said something so cogently, even me, the girl who looked on the bright side, couldn’t magically make things all better.

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