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Annie's kind heart

September 4, 2017
By Realjay41 DIAMOND, Culpeper , Virginia
Realjay41 DIAMOND, Culpeper , Virginia
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Annie was racing through Rome on March 15th. Augustus had sent her a distress call. Julius and Brutus were going to fight and it wasn't going to be pretty.

Annie raced up the stairs to the senate. She raced in. Annie let out her calming down power on her brothers. Julius and Brutus imeditly calmed down.

"Seriously? Again? Don't point fingers. Don't say but he said that. I bet Cassius was here and said some lies again. " Annie said. Brutus said," yep, it was Cassius. Arg, he still thinks that I'm still the easily presadable guy."

Julius said," he said something nasty about you. We raced to fight him; but, he told a lie about me to Brutus and then the fight began." Annie was irritated with Cassius.

'How many lies that he likes to say to get my
Brothers to fight each other?' Annie thought. She wanted to beat Cassius up. She said," lets go find Cassius and show him what happens when he meets me."

Annie has a kind heart that gives her the power to calm people down. The kind heart also gives her the power to fight from the heart. Annie was ready to fight Cassius.

Annie and her brothers found Cassius on the forum. " hi! I've heard that you told lies to my brothers." Annie said. Cassius laughed at Annie and she said,"ok then we'll fight."

Soon, Cassius was defeated by Annie. " no more lies for my brothers."
She said.

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