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Of all the Yellow Butterflies, Please help angels fly

October 11, 2009
By EternalMadness GOLD, Fresno, California
EternalMadness GOLD, Fresno, California
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Ambary just had a little boy she chose to name Jonah Gabriel Andean. All her life Ambary has been faithful to god and to his word, yet when her son becomes ill and the doctors tell her they don’t believe he will live… she cries and curses god, wondering why he would do this to her. She calls her mother that night, after she got home from the hospital after seeing Jonah, with tears in her eyes she tells her mother about the news the doctor had told her. Despite the fact that she had told her mother that she wanted to turn her back on god, her mother started a prayer circle within her church.
3 days later Ambary was holding Jonah on her lap trying not to fall apart for fear she would hurt his poor lifeless body. She kept telling him sorry over and over again. Her eyes stung with pain after so many tears had escapes and her breath came in jagged gasps little by little. Earlier that morning Jonah had began to cough up blood, his skin turned blue and he stopped breathing. They worked and worked on him for an hour but nothing would bring the poor week and a half old child to life. Ambary couldn’t help but think it was her fault. She was only 16 years old as it so happened to be… but would god really curse her and her child for her having been raped? She thought what she did was right by keeping Jonah because it is against the bible to take another life, so why was this happening!?
Ambary felt nothing in the world as she turned her son over to a nurse and walked out of the room. She felt numb and disoriented, her heart felt torn in half. Suddenly she heard a deafening scream coming from the room she just came from. She ran back without a second thought about it. She reached the room and she herself nearly screamed at what she was seeing. A ghost like figure stood over Jonah; he was dressed in all black and had an omniscient glow about him. The sight was terrifying yes, but for some reason she couldn’t help feeling at ease for the first time in nearly a week.
“w-who are you?” She stammered” what are you doing here?” The man smiled slightly and continued to stand over Jonah, who now looked as though he was moving amongst the bundle of blankets.
“My name is Jovan, I am Jonah’s angel.” He said this so nonchalantly that that his words startled Ambary even further than he had intended to.
“Are you going to make him an angel?”
“Well… you see I don’t really think Jonah is ready for such a task, do you?” she shook her head “Then would you mind if maybe He stayed with you?” she shook her head again. “So it’s settled then.” He smiled and began to turn around before she abruptly yelled for him to wait.
“Yes?” He asked “Why are you doing this to me? You know he died, is it your way of punishing me for having a child at such a young age?”
The man looked offended but all the same he decided to answer her question. “prayer circles are very strong when one truly believes, your mother begged and begged for god to have taken her instead of Jonah… we couldn’t deny such a pull at heaven as that.” He turned and disappeared. Leaving Ambary standing there alone.
The doctors seen Jonah’s case as a miracle, he wasn’t meant to go yet… they couldn’t figure out, however, why Ambary’s mother was lying arms crossed on her bed without any sign of remorse, or life.
She was only 37 years old and healthier than Ambary herself was. From then on, everyone informed Jonah that like jesus, grandma had died for him.

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Im not a believer in reality...

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That is so sweet what the mother did for her child, will you please write more.