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The Big Move part 1

March 14, 2012
By flipthebird1 BRONZE, Lynchburg, Virginia
flipthebird1 BRONZE, Lynchburg, Virginia
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Angel Demarco stood on her new porch and pulled her jacket closer to her. She was used to sunny warm 90’s and higher weather back in sunny California but now she and her family of eight had made the move from California to icy cold never above freezing snowy Maine. Angel was the twin of her “baby” sister Dianna and had two twin younger brothers named Caleb and Casey. She loved the two of them to death but had wanted to strangle them the entire flight to Maine. It had been in second class and this had been Angel’s third ride on a jet but this one had been so different she wouldn’t land back on her sunny beach front home and she had cried on her best friend Misty and her boyfriend Adam who swore he’d see her next week. She had no idea how that was going to work so she cried more and he held her to him stroking her hair and sliding his hand down her back. He tilted her chin to face him and kissed her lightly and she felt his soft silky touch exposed on her back and they stayed wrapped around each other for a few minutes but neither Angel nor Adam minded.

She glanced out at the yard seeing a blanket of snow and smiled. She had always liked snow and loved to play in it when she was a little girl but now not so much. It was so cold she was pretty sure the animals hibernated year round here. She laughed quietly at her own joke and sat on the porch glancing out to this new place completely unfamiliar to her. How could she love something yet hate it at the same time apparently much to her dismay it was possible.

The author's comments:
this story is about a huge move that a gurl has to make from one climate to the other hope u enjoy

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