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Returning to reign

August 27, 2008
By Tahrina SILVER, Victoria, Other
Tahrina SILVER, Victoria, Other
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"Don't touch me!" She yelled "Stop it!" A group of street kids had grabbed her from behind and pulled her into an alley.
"What are you going to do?" the largest one laughed with a sneer, "Use your magic? Oh, that's right, you can't! You're not allowed" With this all the boys began laughing and pushed her against the wall and held her there. Fighting with all her strength, she could not loosen the boys grip on her.
"Stop it!" Shaking her head in frustration.
"Make me" the boy said right into her face, and then slapped her. Her head snapped to the side and she fell silent and still.
"I told you I could tame her!" The boys all began laughing and let her fall to the ground. The one who had been talking to her leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Welcome to my world, my pet."
"I am no ones." She said seriously, quietly and disturbingly. Turning her head to look into the boys eyes she whispered back at him, "No one can tame me." Staring into her eyes the boy saw a power and will that would never break. In his eyes, she saw the confidence and cockiness melt away, replaced by a fear that was bone freezing.
In her mind, she felt her magic swelling to incredible heights of power, rising with the strength of her emotions. Doing what she had dreamed of, but never dared, she reached for her powers. Grabbing hold she pulled them forth, all of them. Feeling the sudden rush of power around her, the boys all stopped and stared at her. They could tell she had been pushed to far this time.
Then she felt the block. The mage had put this in her mind to keep her powers under control because for her, there was no impossible and no control; and that was too dangerous to have running free, according to him. But the only way to control it was to block all of it. Pulling with all her will, she felt the block sway and bend. Cracks and fissure began to spread across the break allowing wisps of magic to flow out of her mind. It felt wonderful! She hadn't felt her magic free in years. The rush of power within her and the ability to do anything once again filled her to the brim and leaked over. That feeling awoke another one, one of rage and anger, frustration and need. And one of invincibility, no one could beat her.
Laughing she broke through the rest of the barrier and let her power explode in a wave that shook the very cores of the boys, and the people around for miles.
"You never should mess with someone a lot stronger then you." Rising she brought up her hand and with less effort then she used to stand, she picked up the boys and threw them against the brick wall of the alley. Laughing she walked back out into the sunlight, and for miles around everyone knew she had returned to reign.
Walking into the old mages house, she had a whirlwind of power circling her. She had missed the feeling of herself free. Years with her power bottled up like a prisoner, like something that shouldn’t be, had made it wild and untamed. No one could tame her now.
The mage came walking out of the side door. He had felt her release the second she had broke his barrier. He knew this was inevitable. No one with her amount of power would ever be happy being inferior and pushed around. No one with her invincibility could handle being control.
“I see you took your powers back.” He said calmly. “Now do you wish to control it?” He asked. Long ago a young girl ran wild with power leaking everywhere. She did what she wanted, when she wanted, how she wanted. Everyone feared her. But for the past few years’ peace had been through this lands and no one had reason to fear displeasing a small young girl.
``I can control myself fine! `` She laughed, her hair flailing wildly behind her.
``I have one question, my child. `` This young teen had been in his charge since the day he moved to the tormented land and placed a power blockage in her mind. ``Why now?”
“I got tired of being pushed around.” She barked out. Her power growing in restlessness by the second. “And you grew weak. How did you suppose you were going to control the greatest mage to ever live? How where you going to suppress her power? How do you expect to stop me?” She sneered at him.
“I never planned to.” He said calmly. Then he moved aside, allowing her to see the doorway; and the boy standing in it.
“Stop it now.” A boy just a few years older then she stood in the door way. His face dark with the sunlight behind him silhouetting his body. She would never mistake who this young man was. He was the only one she had ever truly trusted and the only one who ever had truly controlled her. He was the only one she respected, feared. “Control yourself, or I will.” He put one hand up and the air within the small hut thickened with power. He withheld himself, not doing anything, but the threat and reality of his power was everywhere.
She watched him. Seeing his eyes hard and cold she pulled her power to a more calm state, but still at the ready.
“No, you have to put it away. Back into your mind. Now.” He said with authority in his voice, no one would disobey this young man. Except maybe one girl who was invincible, or so she thought.
Suddenly she pushed her power at him a wall of crushing strength. But with one wave of a hand he pushed it aside and clapped his hands together. Forcing all her power back inside of her. She crumbled to the ground with the force of it
“Why did you not listen to me?” He asked, a sadness creeping into his voice. “Why? You knew using your power would only make things worse for us?”
Looking up she answered: “I got tired of being pushed around. By the village boys, by the mage, and by you.” She sighed and crawled to her feet. Standing the swayed and felt a blow slice through her brain. A hard wall of power that would never be broken, she knew right then that this wall would not break, nor be released. A single tear fell from her eye. With the back of her hand she wiped it away. “Why would you do that? You know I can’t break this barrier?”
“That’s the point. Our master was going to remove his barrier from your mind someday. Someday soon. So you could train with me. But by breaking it, you further proved you do not deserve the power in our family.” The girl looked on at her brother. The one person who had more power then she, but he kept it a secret. He rarely used his powers, and always used them for good reasons. “It’s time for you to leave.” He stated. With that, he turned and walked away.
“I really have to go, don’t I?” She asked the old man. He had stood there the whole time and watched the siblings’ power struggle; all three had known who would win though.
“Yes.” And he left too. No one saw her fall to her knees. No one saw the look of pure pain and sorrow on the face of the little girl who could have been the most powerful mage on the earth, her master and brother both had sensed it. Her will collapsed to fight collapsed. Sighing she knew what she had to do. She had finally pushed back to hard. Slowly she got to her feet and walked out the small doorway for the last time. She looked back; she saw a small stone hut surrounded by mountains and fields. Beautiful. She saw her home, her prison, and she saw her brother and her teacher sitting in the field. Anyone could feel the magic they were throwing at each other, practicing things she would know never learn. Feeling true despair, she turned and continued walking.
The farther she walked the worst she felt. She was leaving everything behind, her brother, her master, the only town she had ever known. She walked for days, then weeks. Stopping in small villages to get supplies, and then walking more. Then she felt a shift. Her stepped faltered. Regaining her rhythm, she smiled. She could feel her brother, his power enveloping hers. But every step she took, every move she made, he slipped, he weakened. It seemed even her brother has limits.

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