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The Hero

September 19, 2008
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As the soldiers pushed bushes out of the way wile walking through the brush, they began to wonder. Why are we doing this, this is pointless, we’re just killing the citizens of our country. This is what most of soldiers though as they made they’re way towards the next unsuspecting village.

In the unsuspecting village of Boise lived a young boy named Techni. He was thirteen years old and worked for his dad, the blacksmith of the town. But his dad was old and couldn’t work; so on his thirteenth birthday his dad told him
“Now that you are of age you will have to run the Blacksmith shop your self”, so from then on he ran the blacksmith shop by himself.

That night he woke up in the middle of the night, it was pitch black, except for the light. That bright light. He wondered what the light was, so he looked out the window. In the city center there were hundreds of soldiers with crossbows, swords, and torches they were shooting down, or fighting hand to hand killing all the villagers, and burning all the buildings. Techni’s first reaction was to run out there and fight. But the more he thought about it the more he realized he would just be killed like all the rest of the villagers. So he went into his dad’s room, and standing above his sleeping dad’s was a soldier with a knife. The soldier was about to stab his dad in his sleep.

So Techni pulled out a short sword that he always carries off of his belt that was when the soldier noticed him. The soldier stabbed at him, but Techni dodged. Techni had been trained with a short sword, so he lunged at the soldier, and the soldier parried. They continued to go back and forth, until finally Techni killed the soldier. By this time his dad been awake, but there was nothing his dad could have done. So he and his dad ran for they’re little cabin in the woods, escaping out the back door of they’re house! Gathering all the villagers they could find, men, woman, and children.

So they waited. And they waited. And they waited. Finally the soldiers left, and they started to rebuild everything.

Three Years Later……..

The town was all rebuilt and they were prepared if more soldiers came and tried to attack. They had built a room that was underground that resembled a bomb shelter. Techni was considered a hero even though they’re town was still burnt down.

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