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You were always there

September 18, 2008
By MustangWriter1813 PLATINUM, Crooks, South Dakota
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You were always there for me
In time we had grown together.
We were like family to each other.
We loved being together, we could not stand begin alone.
Remember when we would spend hours talking ?
You would always be there for me.

As the years passed we grew apart.
I became involved with my music and you with drugs.
You were different from then on.
Always acting like everyone was out to get you.
I tried to stop you, but I guess that my best was not good enough.
You stopped caring about everything and everyone, you once held dear.

When I need you the most you were never there for me.
Where you there for me when my brother died in a car crash?
Or when I got accepted to the best collage?
I became worried and tried once more to stop you.
I knew that I was losing this battle that the drugs were winning.
You were no longer accepting my help.
In fact the more I tried to help the worse it became.
The harder you pushed away from me and everyone else.

You went out one night with a couple of your pals.
You told me that you were done with drugs.
So I let you go think everything was all right.
Little did I know that there was going to be drugs.
You were supposed to come home that night.
You never did. I got a call that night saying that you were killed in an accident. I knew what had happened too.

There was an empty spot in my heart from that night on and for always.
Your chair at graduation was left un touched.
There was another empty spot in my life.
As I sat by your chair my eyes filed with tears.
What I did I do?
I could have helped you get threw this.
I feel like I have failed myself, and worst of all you.
You were never there for me when I need you the most.

I thought I was the most important thing in your life.
But, I guess I failed to see what you truly loved.
I, your friends, and your family all suffer from you choice.
We feel that you chose to leave us with all you problems.
We loved you so much.
Why couldn’t you see that?

Now every summer instead of decorating your room
I have to decorate your grave and the crash sight.
That breaks my heart.
I will never have a chance to invite you to any
Important things in my life.
Never told how I truly felt about you.

And only because you had to make a stupid choice.
That choice was drugs over me.
You never came home that night.
And you will always have an empty, but special place
In my heart, forever and for always.

The author's comments:
This article is about a friend trying to help a friend in need.

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