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Glistening Noon Chapter 4

August 1, 2010
By CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
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Then there was another piercing scream and I looked down seeing Logan stretched out like she had been shocked. Her eyes were red again and looked pleading. Her mouth was turned in a frightening scream. I knelt down next her.

“Logan Oh my God! What happened!?” She grabbed my shirt and pulled me closer to her.

“Get….. James….. NOW!” It sounded like she could barely get the words out.

“Where do I find him at?” Logan let out another scream then balled her hands into fist and closed her eyes.

“You’ll find him… sitting on a rock… on the beach. But you need to hurry before Maria’s thunderstorm comes because then he’ll be… gone.” I had a lot of questions to ask her but knew it wasn’t a good time so I ran out of the clearing and to the beach as fast as I could. I occasionally looked up at the sky to see how much time I had and saw giant black clouds coming over towards the forest area. I saw him on the same rock Logan described and ran towards him faster than usual. When I got to him I was surprisingly not out of breath.

“James! James!”

“Claire what are you doing here you aren’t supposed to be around us?” His voice had a strong British accent that surprised me.

“It’s Logan. She told me to get you. Quick!” His gentle face now showed signs of horror.

“What happened to her?” His voice was shaking with fear.

“She’s in the woods screaming and crying in pain. She told me to come and get you.” We ran to the woods and as we ran I noticed two things. First was that it started raining right when James left the beach and that James seemed extremely impatient with how I ran. When we were back in the clearing Logan was back in a ball.

“Logan what happened to you?” James suddenly sounded mad at her.

“ Who cares! Fix me, James it hurts!”

I heard James mutter ‘I’m going to kill him tomorrow’ then turn to me.

“You need to leave Claire. I can’t fix her with you here.”

I nodded and left the clearing without an argue but then turned to hide behind a thick oak tree. James looked down at Logan then put her in his lap.

“Logan you need to do as I say if you want to live.”

“Can’t you just fix me like you always do? I don’t need therapy, I need pain release James!”

“Logan, if I fix you like normal the burn will get Hunter, he’ll reflect it, then you will die ok?” Logan started screaming again. What I was wondering though was how did they start talking about Hunter and burning him?

“James what do I do? I’m scared.” Logan’s voice was shallow and tiny like she had no voice.

“Just cry and I’ll figure something out. I promise.”

“I can’t Claire is still here. I smell her she is behind the big oak.” I stood completely still hoping James wouldn’t find me.

“I’ll find out Logan but if I take you out of the clearing you’ll die. If I leave you alone you’ll die.”

“She’s in the clearing! She’s here! Just trust me this once!” James got up still carrying Logan like a baby and walked towards me. He was in front of me in a second before I could run. He was staring me straight in the eyes.

“Claire I told you to leave. Why didn’t you?” His voice was lower then before and sounding almost demonic. I started running again and he went back to the spot he was at before. I ran back to the oak tree and James rolled his eyes even though he didn’t see me. Logan screamed again and James broke out of his trance. He dropped to his knees and put Logan back in his lap.

“Your going to have to cry I don’t care if Claire is here or not. Cry like normal and I’ll tell you when to switch to the human way.” He sounded extremely worried and aggravated probably from me. Logan started crying and I gasped. Her tears were blood instead of water.

“Am I doing it right James?”

“You’re doing great now think about your past.”

“My past? What past? I never had a past.” She sounded utterly confused and mad at James for telling her to do that.

“Kai and Paige never told you did they? Well that won’t work so try to transform and we’ll figure it out.”

“That I can do.” She yelled and I gasped again. She had bat wings, a devil tail, and devil horns. I rubbed my eyes to see if what I was seeing was true. I decided to act like I didn’t see that part and started watching them again.

“Does it still burn?” His voice was low and sweet.

“No. You fixed me James! You fixed me!” She got up, kissed him, and started skipping around the clearing. Her tail, wings, and horns shrunk then disappeared. “ Now what were you talking about my past?

“I’ll show you the videos that they kept.” He started laughing and Logan jumped into his arms. James started running out of the clearing. I started running to my house and was glad when I finally got there. Debbie wasn’t home so I went straight to my room to think it over. Her screaming, the wings and tail, how James wanted me to leave like I shouldn’t of saw anything. I dreamed about the clearing and was glad when I went to school the next day. I spotted the Mustang and ran straight to it.

“Logan we need to talk.”

I was expecting Logan to come out of the car when Paige came out instead. She stared me in the eyes then getting back in the car murmured something to all of them.

“No I don’t want to leave!” Logan got out of the car and slammed the door behind her. Kai and Will got out of the car behind him James looked at Logan and got out. Maria looked at Paige then me and got out too. Paige drove off leaving them all staring at me. James saw Hunter and left with Maria and Will. Kai sighed and looked at me with apologies.

“What happened in the woods Logan? Why were your eyes red and you were crying blood?”

I realized to late that I wasn’t even supposed to see that part. Logan grabbed Kai’s arm and started squeezing it. Kai looked at me with shock then at Logan with even more.

“I’m sorry Kai! I know I shouldn’t have but it just happened so fast!” Logan sounded like she was about to cry but didn’t. Kai looked angry at her then looked up at me and his face relaxed.

“Logan it’s ok you can tell her if you want.”

“I’m not telling her! You said no so no!”

“Tell me what?” My voice sounded tiny and innocent and they stared at me like they forgot I was there. “Logan what were you talking about when you said Maria’s storm? And how did you know where James was and that he would be gone when it came?”

“Um….it was a-” She stared at Kai for help.

“It was a lucky guess.” He finished for her. Hunter started walking towards us and Kai put Logan behind his back. Logan was still holding his arm like a three year old. Hunter smiled and waved at them then grabbed my arm and started pulling me. Kai grabbed my other arm.

“Hunter let go me and Claire need to talk about something- important.” Kai’s voice was low. Hunter dropped my arm and suddenly looked guilty. He peered behind Kai’s back at Logan and she shuddered. James and Will were now on the other sides of Kai shielding her from Hunter. James’s eyes narrowed and his mouth turned up at the edges. His hand were in tight fist and near Logan. She was still shuddering and holding on to Kai. I was starting to wonder if James was mad at that but his eyes were still on Hunter.

There were a couple of growls and I went inside in case there were any wolves in the forest around campus. When I sat down in Mr. David’s class Kai was already there. I looked at him, then the door, then him again. I felt my chin drop a little and heard Kai laughing at me.

“How did you possibly get here before me?!”

“I took a shortcut.” He started laughing at me and I glared at him.

“Is Logan ok?”

“Yah she’s fine but that’s what she gets for not listening to Paige. We all knew something bad would come out of that. She should have been killed for what she was going to do! But she just got some little shocks and burns.”

“You wish that your sister would have died?!”

“Like I said she should have but you were there to get James and save her life.” He sounded extremely annoyed that she didn’t die.

“Really! She could have died! And you wanted her too?!”

“Claire forget about it! She’s alive and healthy and that is all that matters. Yes, I wish she would have died and she knows it but just forget about it!” He was basically screaming at me but because class had started he was yelling in whispers.

“Your….Your…. You’re a monster Kai!” He stared at me then opened his mouth a few times like he was going to say something then closed his mouth again. “I’m sorry Kai.”

“You’re right though.” He said it so low I could barely hear it. He got up and walked out the door. I walked slowly to the cafeteria and sat by Hunter. I looked at where the Pattinsons were and saw that Paige was back. Miki and Catherine glared at me like I was only allowed to sit by them and not anyone else.

“Hunter what happened out there today?”

“Nothing happened Claire, forget about it.”

“No! Tell me what happened now!”

“I can’t Claire!” I never heard him angry before and it scared me.

“Where’s Kai then?”

“He left out the door saying ‘I’m a monster’ . Why?”

“Um….well I called him a monster for wanting his sister to die in the woods yesterday.”

“So that’s why he wouldn’t talk to Logan? Wow you messed up big time!”

“It’s not funny Hunter!” I felt my face get hot but this time with anger.

“Claire calm down he’ll be better tomorrow.” I tried to calm down but barely succeeded.

“Why did Kai put Logan behind his back when you came near us?”

“Oh….um…I don’t know why.

“James looked like he was going to kill you! And did you hear those growls from out in the forest?”

“Oh, yah I heard the wolves in the woods and James has always hated me.” Hunter sighed then got up and left. Miki and Catherine filled in his seat.

“What was that about?” Miki’s sweet voice was always comforting.

“I don’t know but I think I did something wrong. Really wrong.”

“Really Claire.” Catherine’s sarcasm was about to get on my nerves but I had more important things to worry about. Miki rolled her eyes at Catherine then turned back at me.

“Do you want to go surfing tomorrow morning with me and Catherine? You can bring Hunter and I guess the Pattinsons. You seem pretty fond of them so I guess it’s ok if you bring them. I’ll bring a couple of girls and their boyfriends and we’ll make it a party! A party for me coming back from Idaho!”

“Ok I’ll ask them and see if they can go.” I was so confused that I think it sparked out in my voice. They left the table before I realized that today was Friday and that I couldn’t surf at all. Growing up in Kentucky didn’t give you that many chances for surfing. Saturday morning came fast for me and I got up running to the bathroom urgent to get dressed. I put on my aeropostale t-shirt, my ripped tomboy shorts and pink flip flops. I drove down to the beach at a faster rate than normal.

I don’t know what I wanted to see so quickly but it didn’t stop me from going faster and faster till I was at the beach. They were all there as beautiful and breath taking as ever. Looking like runway models instead of high school kids. James, Logan, Will, Cynthia, Clide, Maria, Paige, and Kai. Then there were my less breath taking friends, Miki, Catherine, and Hunter with some other kids I didn’t know. Miki came running towards me from down near the water.

“You came Claire! Wait, do you know how to surf? You know growing up in Kentucky and all.”

I felt my cheeks getting hot from embarrassment again. “No actually, I can’t surf at all.”

“Oh. Ok. You can sit on the beach and play with the Pattinsons. They wouldn’t get in the water even if it would save their lives one day.

“Ok. Have fun surfing then.” I waved at her as she ran back to the water. I walked towards the Pattinsons and sat next to Kai on a rock sticking out of a cliff above us. I noticed that Hunter had turned around and was glaring at Kai then sighed and said something under his breath. Kai closed his eyes and opened them staring at me.

“Hi Claire. Um…do you like music?”

“Yah. Why?”

“I won these two concert tickets for Paramore and almost everyone I knew hated music so I thought maybe you would want to come just to like hang out or something. Give us something to do. Want to?”

“Sure! I love Paramore!”


He handed me the ticket and I put it in my pocket. I looked down at Logan who was drawing in the sand. Her hair wasn’t in pig tails anymore and was blowing lovely in the morning breeze. She started rubbing her eye with her hand then stretched her hands in front of her and looked at Kai. He pulled her up and swung her into his lap like she weighed absolutely nothing. He stroked her hair and she rubbed her eye again.

“What is it Logan? You haven’t acted like this in a long time.” His voice was sweet and musical. Logan covered the eye she was rubbing with her palm.

“My contacts are bothering me da- Kai.” Kai started laughing and Logan covered both her eyes.

“Cynthia please take Logan to the car and get her some new contacts.” Cynthia nodded and Logan got off of Kai’s lap. They started walking to the car but even though she was covering both eyes she needed know help getting to the car. I looked at Kai puzzled.

“How does she do that? She can’t even see and she hasn’t tripped once yet.”

“She follows the path her feet made.”


Maria looked up at the sky and her beautiful, glistening, hair fell back on the rock. She would make even the prettiest model mad.

“At three its going to rain, there will be lightning coming from the south and some quiet thunder over the hills and some louder over town. Sound good to you Kai?” Her voice was smooth and I felt my chin drop. It was almost like an opera but smoother in ways and higher in others. It was sweet like candy and her Spanish accent made it sound even better. It was almost holy like an angels should have been. But her voice would of made it run away with jealousy. When Kai spoke I broke out of my trance.

“Sounds good to me. It seems like a good day for rain. It’ll keep Logan up long enough to go back to James too. I hope.”

I looked at both of them confused as they were getting more caught up in their inside conversation.

“How do you know that Maria?” She looked at me smiling.

“I just do. How did you know Logan was in the woods and what she was talking about? How did you know that right when you left with James my storm started? You just did.”

“What does everyone mean by your storm?! It’s getting on my nerves and I feel like something is missing that I don’t get!”

She looked at me aggravated. “All mortals are idiots! They don’t get a single thing right and their brains are the size of an ant! If they could only be a little bit smarter than this world wouldn’t be such a pain to live in!”

“What are you talking about Maria? Mortals? What are you saying?”

She rolled her eyes at me then looked at Kai. He shrugged his shoulders and Paige looked at me.

“She likes to broaden things now shut up and watch your stupid friends surf!”

She grabbed Kai’s arm and hugged it. Then looked at him and smiled. He frowned and tried to shake her off. Kai got up, grabbed my arm, and started pulling me to the water.

I scowled at him. “I can’t surf Kai.”

“I know and you aren’t going to.”

I realized he was walking me towards Hunter who was sun-bathing on the sand. Like he needed to get a tan his skin was almost caramel already. Hunter got up and shook the extra water off himself. Kai took a step back before the water could hit him. Hunter glared at him then saw he was holding my arm and smiled.

“See you got over the fact of being a monster Kai.”

“Guess so.” Kai’s voice sounded like he could care less.

“Logan mad at you?”

“About which problem?”

“Both of them.”

“Well I showed her the videos and I never told her about me wanting her to die. She was way too happy for me to crush her. She only has one night left to get some sleep. She’s been staying in my room and Paige is sleeping on the couch downstairs.”

“ She can come stay with me for awhile, or at least until she gets over that little surprise. I don’t want her being a suicide again.”

“You didn’t seem to care when you were killing her.”

“Look I’m sorry. I didn’t know I could kill her!”

“You don’t sound that concerned.”
I cleared my throat so they knew I was still there. They both looked up at me then back at each other. I looked up at the rock and saw Logan. I started running towards her. She closed her eyes and balled her hands into fist. I kept running and Logan relaxed. I fell in a hole in the sand. Paige laughed at me and Clide looked Logan over with confusion on his face. Logan looked down at her hands and Kai sighed.

“Get me out of here!” I started screaming until my face got red and I was out of breath. Paige walked over to me and started filling the hole with sand and rocks. Clide looked at Logan who started giggling and bent down over the hole. Kai came over and pushed Paige out of the way and pulled me out of the hole. His cold skin burned my arm from the heat on it. He set me on the ground and Logan pulled shells out of my hair. I laid my hand down on the sand and got pricked by some glass. I felt the warm, crimson, liquid blood run down my hand.

They all stopped what they were doing and put their hands over their mouths. Logan started breathing heavy and picked up my bloody hand. She put it up to her mouth then slid it back down to my side. She put it to her mouth again and smiled. She closed her eyes and squeezed my hand. More blood ran down my hand and she put the bloody cut on her mouth. Kai grabbed Logan and carried her to their car where the rest were waiting. Logan kicked Kai’s leg and he dropped her on the ground. She crouched and turned to me.

Eyes narrowed, hands balled into fists, she looked like a lion waiting to kill. She pounced in my direction and James grabbed her waist ad threw her to the floor with a powerful blow. I looked around to see if anyone else felt that but no one was paying attention. James swung her over his shoulder and nodded to Kai. Kai got in the car and it drove away. James walked into the forest with Logan kicking him in the stomach and hitting his back. He didn’t drop her once, but just kept walking deeper and deeper in the woods.

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