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Glistening Noon Chapter 11

August 2, 2010
By CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
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“I see your boyfriend bit your poor little. It’s a pity you was such a brat that it had to come to that.”
I didn't like Kai's friend so I picked up a glass of wine to throw at him and Kai growled at me. It was a terrifying menacing sound that came from the hollow of his throat. I dropped the wine and Thanos smiled slyly.
“Poor little you. You know my family, Cole and Cecile, would love someone like you,” He ruffled my hair and I grabbed Kai’s arm. Thanos spoke softer and his voice flowed like honey. “You know sweetie you would be a lovely addition to my family. Why don’t you join me? I’m a nomad so you could see the world. We’ll be settling soon and we could get a house in any country you like. It would be such a great opportunity you wouldn’t want to pass up. It will be much better than being a little lab mouse at the Pattinsons’ place. We won’t try to kill you off. You can make your own decisions and we won’t even lay a finger on you. No scratch, no burns, no bites.”
He moved my hand away from my neck to prove his point.
“What do you say?” He smiled softer.
“I,” I looked at Kai. “I don’t want to go with you.”
“And why not?” His eyes narrowed.
“I want to stay with Kai.”
Kai turned to me and Thanos. He looked him up and down then looked at me.
“It’s time for you to go to bed.” He got up.
“I’m talking, give me five minutes.”
He nodded and walked off. Thanos turned to me.
“Come with me. Kai doesn’t care about you but I do.”
“I don’t know you.”
“You don’t know Kai either.”
He had me there. “Um. I have to leave.”
He grabbed my arm. “Cole wants to meet you though.”
“I have to leave!”
I pulled away from him and ran to Kai. I jumped on his back. He pulled me off and looked at me.
“I was about to get kidnapped by someone and you just left!”
“You know everyone is right.”
“About what?”
“Forget it.”
“Time for you to go to bed. I’ll get your clothes later.”
He grabbed my hand and walked me to his room that I had been in too many times today. I got into the pearl night dress and laid on the bed. Kai looked at me and laughed.
“You’re sleeping on the couch.”
I looked at the small black couch. “That is really small, Kai.”
“You can sleep on the floor.”
“Why not the bed? You don’t sleep.”
“Good point.”
He waved to the bed and I got in it. He walked to the window.
“I’m going to get your clothes for tomorrow.”
“What! What if Thanos tries to kidnap me again?”
“I lock the door so your safe. I’ll be back in three minutes.”
I nodded and he was out of the room. I got up not daring to close my eyes until he came back. I walked across the room and walked in circles. There was a noise and Kai was behind me holding jeans and a blouse in font of me. I nodded and he put them on the couch. I went back to the bed and he followed me I sat down and he did the same. I looked over at him.
“We need to talk Kai.”
“Rather not.”
“We really need to talk.”
“Fine about what.”
“About everything.”
“Define everything.”
I took a deep breath. “Why don’t you care about me? Why do you need me so bad? Why am I here? Why don’t you tell me anything?”
“Again I don’t tell you things for a reason. No one ever said I didn’t care about you. And you’re my bridge to a rematch so don’t screw anything up please.”
He pulled off his shirt and there were sets of scars. Lines that went straight threw him and bites. They were scattered and clustered over his chest and stomach.

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