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Alternative Ch. 1

December 13, 2013
By Tara_Bites SILVER, La Porte, Texas
Tara_Bites SILVER, La Porte, Texas
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Chapter 1: Pilot

-Tara’s POV-

My step-dad, Dennis, walked me into DeWalt Alternative school. “I can’t believe you, Tara… Punching Chris in the face? What the h*** is the matter with you?” he spat. I shrugged. “The idiot deserved it, how many times do I have to f***ing tell you?” I retorted, shoving my hands into my khaki pockets. Dennis turned and glared at me. “Language, young lady,” he said. I smirked and replied, “Make me.” Ms. Kwapick came up to us and told my step-dad, “I’ll take her to class… Thank you for catching her.” If Dennis hadn’t found me, then I would’ve been to the high school and walking around like nothing happened. Ms. Kwapick opened the door to Mrs. Nolen’s room, the room almost bare. “We found her on Park and Jacinto, she was almost to the high school,” she said to my teacher. I sat in my desk in front of some guy that had WAY too many tattoos to cover himself with. He leaned forward and whispered, “Nice for you to join me, gorgeous.” I turned and spat in his face, “Shut up. Now turn around and keep your d*** in your pants.” Mrs. Nolen looked up at me and said, “Now, Tara, there is no need for that. Turn around, please.” I scowled at him and turned around. I raised my hand. “Mrs. Nolen? Can I go work on my English?” She nodded and I stood up, making my way over to the computer. I quickly got on TeenInk, the website I fell in love with when I was here last. I logged in, smiling at my profile picture and at all the comments I had received over the week. “Wow, you must be popular,” his voice whispered in my ear, “Ms. Tara…” I rolled my eyes. “Shut up. I don’t know you,” I retorted, turning my attention back to the computer. “Well, since I already know your name, I guess I’ll tell you mine… It’s Harry Styles.” My blood boiled. “The Styles that sleeps with girls and just dumps them aside when he’s through with them?” I hissed, looking at him with fierce blue eyes. Harry’s green eyes sparkled with excitement. “That’s the one,” he chuckled, reaching over to stroke my cheek. “Don’t touch me, man wh*re. I know what people like you do to people like me. Ask Chris Wallace. He should know.” Harry laughed, “You dated Chris Wallace? #52?” I looked at him like he was crazy. “Yeah… You didn’t know about the guy who lost his virginity to a ‘sk*nk’?” His green eyes were filled with amusement. “What happened to you two?” he asked, his British accent full and distinguished. I told him about how Chris “loved” me until he started “loving” Cheyenne, my “best friend”, who in my opinion is a sl*t. Harry listened with full interest, nodding every once in a while. When I had finished, Harry looked at me and said softly, “I’m sorry that happened to you, Tara… I wish he had treated you differently.” Okay… I’m fed up with talking to him, I thought. I turned abruptly in my seat, focusing on the computer. “Tara?” he questioned, “Could you please talk to me? You’re the first person I’ve been able to talk to since Louis…” My eyes turned ice cold. “Louis?” I asked, looking at Harry, “Like in Tomlinson, Louis? You need to STAY away from that boy. He’s nothing but trouble… and I should know… I dated him before…” Harry didn’t bother to ask about that because he probably already knew what happened between me and my dumba** of an ex-boyfriend. “Yeah… He was the one who told me that sleeping with girls and getting tattoos was a way for me to get popular…” Harry said softly. I looked at his sad face. “That’s not the way… Trust me… You just have to be true to yourself and not let anyone get in your way. I’m sorry I assumed you were like Louis. I HATE him.” Harry looked up at me and smiled brightly.
“Maybe, Styles… Maybe we could be friends and change the way we see each other.”

The author's comments:
I know its not that long, but who cares really?? I don't... Sorry if its not sticking to a plot, but it will soon.

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