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Homines in Tenebrae

December 30, 2013
By Gamerwolf123 SILVER, Newington, Connecticut
Gamerwolf123 SILVER, Newington, Connecticut
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"The gulls who scorn perfection for the sake of travel go nowhere, slowly. Those who put aside travel for the sake of perfection go anywhere, instantly."

"So, what about when it wakes up? What are you going to do?" Luxord was very curious of the matter, especially because it was his original idea.

"He will be the equivalent to a baby, except he will have an advanced level of intelligence as well as the capability of speech. He will need to learn how to walk as well as proper manners. With part of Sora's DNA signature, who knows how unruly he could be."

The clone's DNA consisted of Sora for the power of the keyblade, Lexaeus for strength, and Vexen for intelligence. He was also granted the power of darkness, which no one in the Organization had, to everyone's surprise. Although, dark doesn't necessarily mean evil.

The unawakened clone lay on a table, a white blanket covering his body from his ankles to his upper chest. He has very pale skin, almost the same as an albino. His hair was brown and very messy. It just barely reached his shoulders. A hint of electric blue flashed on his face as he blinked wildly.

The blond scientist looked over just as the clone breathed for the first time, and opened his for a first glimpse at the world. "He's awake!" Vexen whispered, excited.

Luxord interrupted him, driving Vexen to look away for a moment. "What will you name him?"

There was a name that IV had always loved and always wanted to name a child if he would ever have one. This child was his, this was his son. He didn't want to give him to the Organization. Vexen walked up to the clone as he sat up. It took only seconds to realize how skinny he was. But first thing was first.

"Vincent." Vexen smiled as he looked down at his creation. "That will be your name for as long as you live, child."

"I wonder how strong exactly he his," Luxord interrupted again. "Maybe one of us should verse him in a short fight."

The clone tilted his head in confusion. He stared at Luxord for a while, getting a sense of what he looked like. Both of the men before him were wearing black coats. Why? The random idea caught Vincent a little off guard, but he didn't show that he was surprised. "Why would I want to do that?"

Luxord smiled at Vince, happy for Vexen's great accomplishment. "We would just like to see how good you are, and make sure you are in good health." Vexen gave a nod in agreement.

"I suppose a simple shadow heartless would be relatively harmless for you to try to defeat. That is, if you can summon your weapon… Now that I think of it, this could take much time."

Vincent smiled a little. He proved Vexen wrong by reaching out with one of his arms. A grey smoke hovered over his hand, materializing into a keyblade. It was none like either had seen before. It looked like an axe. That's part of what he got from Lexaeus as well.

Luxord took the liberty of summoning a simple Shadow Heartless and Vincent pushed himself off the table, stark naked, and took a simple swing of the axe to defeat it. He celebrated a little, only to fall to the ground. He attempted to bring himself back to his feet, but to no avail.

"Like a baby," Luxord remembered. Vexen went to the boy's side and grabbed him from under his arms, lifting him up and placing him gently on his feet. He let go just to find out that he could stand.

"Unlikes a baby, he has all of his bones. He just needs to learn how to walk and everything will be piece of cake." Vexen gave the boy an up-down look. "But maybe some clothes should come first. My coat would be far too big for him. Do you have one that closer to his size, X?"

The gambler only took second to nod and portal away to his room. He swiftly grabbed an extra coat and returned to Vexen's lab, giving the boy the coat to put on.

"Why do I have to wear a black coat like you guys. Is it some sort of symbol or something?"

Vexen shook his head. "Well, not really. Everyone in Organization XIII wears a black coat. All of them are supposed to be personalized to the persons body, but you're going to have to borrow one of Luxords for now." Vincent nodded in understanding. In due time he would learn more about the Organization and what their goal was.

After learning all about the Organization, learning how to use his feet and some battle techniques, Vincent started doing missions.

The secret of Vincent the Clone was kept solely between Saix(since he needed to get missions from someone), Vexen, Luxord, and Vincent himself. Slowly, Vexen started to reveal him to more of the organization. From the higher numbers to lower numbers, and based on the people he could trust with a secret.

After sending the boy off to a mission one day, Number VII consulted the creator of the boy. "Vexen, there is something serious we must speak about in regards to Vincent."

"What is there to talk about? He's a complete success! He's perfect! And the boy even has the power of the keyblade to defeat heartless!"

"You see, IV, that's just the thing. The boy has a keyblade. But Xemnas doesn't want him. He wants Sora specifically. If you bring the idea up to him, he will most likely destroy Vincent. Neither of us want that to happen. And not to mention you gave Vincent a heart."

"I highly doubt Xemnas would destroy him. He his just a simple clone after all. And it's not like Sora is even here to use his keyblade. So for the time being, let's just hope that everything will be fine."

Turning away, Saix decided it to be a good idea to talk to Xemnas himself about Vincent.

They conversed and shot ideas to each other about the boy. Although Saix was the second of command, he had little control of what Xemnas' decisions were.

"The boy will not be a problem. If we see it such that he is getting in the way, we will bring him down to dust," Xemnas shot at Saix.

"That sounds like a fine idea, Superior. We could use an extra keyblade around here."

"You did say that Vincent controls the power of darkness itself, correct."

"Yes sir…?"

"That will be a problem. He will collide with the Nobody of Sora, in which I suspect will control light. This could pose a serious threat. The best course of action when Roxas joins us will be to eliminate the clone."

"You mean to say he'll be a temporary Number XIII?"

"Indeed, VII. Now, continue with handing out missions. This conference has been concluded."

The thought was horrid to Saix, and he wanted to do something about it. But at this point, nothing could be changed. Not even fate could be twisted for a different result.

The only thing that Saix could do is try, and hope fate was on his side.

Saix consulted Vincent about Xemnas' idea in private. The two had formed a bond after having many serious talks. It was something about Vincent's personality let him under his skin. Unlike many of the Organization members, Saix saw him as an actual person, as a real and natural being, even if he was mad artificially.

Since Vincent wasn't born with memories of a childhood, Saix would help him in forming a made up one. But without him knowing it, Saix would use part of his own memories to help form Vincent's. That's a reason why he had such a big place in his soul, since he didn't have a heart anymore.

The relationship between Saix and Vincent didn't hinder the relationship with Saix and Axel whatsoever, or so it seemed. The two always acted the same around each other, even as they did before Vincent was created. All seemed to be going well.

Saix began to take care of the boy instead of Vexen since he was so wrapped up in his work and didn't have enough time to give the attention that the boy needed. Saix stayed at the castle all day, and the only thing he really needed to be alone for was paperwork, which he usually got done by the time Vincent was done with his mission.

Everyone was happy. Everyone won.

Until Roxas came along.

The author's comments:
A Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler and Kingdom Hearts crossover. Even if you don't like the fandoms, everyone should love it!

Author Note: This chapter doesn't have to be read, but it just gives you some background on Vincent and his relation to the Organization. I would really like some feedback on this, and I'll get started on the initial story immediately!

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