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He's My Nerd {Chapter One}

February 24, 2014
By Tara_Bites SILVER, La Porte, Texas
Tara_Bites SILVER, La Porte, Texas
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Chapter One

-Marcel’s Point of View-

I walked into my first period class, Geometry. It’s one of the advanced classes I had. A few girls said, “Hi, Marcel.” I blushed softly and waved. I didn’t really think I was a flirty guy… unlike my brother. You see, my brother, Harry Styles, went to school here… So did Edward. I guess that’s why they actually notice me. I sat in my seat more towards the front, and set my books on the table. I rested my head on the stack of books and sighed deeply. Psychology was in the 6th period and I didn’t want to wait that long. Avian, Edward’s 4 year girlfriend, came up to me and asked, “Hey, Marce. Have you heard from Edward?” I shook my head gently and gulped, “No. H-He hasn’t called home in a month… Have you tried?” She nodded and replied, “Y-yeah, actually. Last week. He said h-he wasn’t coming home…” I looked up at her and saw that she was crying. I got up from my seat and hugged her. “Shh, i-it’s okay…” I muttered, rubbing her back gently. She sobbed into my shoulder and her arms went around me. A few girls asked me, “Did Edward break up with her, Marcel?” I shook my head once again and mouthed, ‘Don’t really want to talk about it.’ They nodded and went back to their seats. Avian let go of me and wiped away her tears. “I’m fine, now…” she whispered before walking away. She added as she made her way to her seat, “Thanks, Marcel.” I nodded and sat back down in my seat. “Yeah, you’re welcome.”

Ms. Rutger walked into the class and smiled brightly. “Today, since it’s the last week of the first semester, I’m going to let you just talk amongst each other. If you need anything, I’ll be at my desk,” she said, before walking to her desk. I opened up my text book and started to skim through it. I could hear footsteps coming towards me and I looked up to see some girls standing in front of my desk. “Oh… um… Hi…” I managed, looking at the three of them. One of them said, “Hi, Marcel. Um… do you have a girlfriend?” I shook my head, wondering what they were getting at. The other two whispered and I could catch their words, “Tara is sooo perfect for Marcel. Leeroy’s plan is genius!” I blushed, looking back at my text book. The girl who had spoken smiled brightly at me and lifted my chin with her forefinger. “I think we’ve found your perfect girl, Marcie.” Marcie?? “She’s best friends with Leeroy. I think you’ll like her!” the girl giggled and skipped away, her friends following. What is Leeroy up to?!

The bell rang and I grabbed my text books and darted out of the class. Just as I rounded the corner, I bumped into someone, knocking both mine and their books to the ground. “I-I-I’m s-so sorry!” I stuttered, bending down to pick up my books. When I stood up straight, a girl with shoulder length blonde hair and bright blue eyes smiled softly at me. “U-Um,” I mumbled, handing the girl her books. Then I darted past her, my cheeks a bright red. I managed up the nearby stairs and down a hallway to my English class. I huffed a little when a friend of Harry’s, Grimmy, chuckled, “Did you just run a marathon or something, Marce?” I huffed a little more before rolling my eyes. I walked past him and sat in my seat, once again, in the front. I drummed my fingers against the wood of the desk and sighed deeply. Damien, the most popular guy at the school, came walking in saying, “Yeah, yeah, as if my sister would date that nerd. I mean he’s a good guy and all, but you know, the Styles brothers have a reputation that’s all… I mean, Marcel doesn’t. He’s the smartest kid in school, but I want Tara…” I felt my heart race as I heard that named. That was the name those girls said was my perfect girl. She would never notice me… I looked at the floor, my face beet red. Damien must have noticed because he yelled, “YO! Marcel! You okay?!” I nodded and hid my face in my vest.

-Skip to Psychology-

I sighed and sat next to Leeroy. He said, smiling brightly, “Hi!” I waved at him and rested my head on my books. Leeroy looked at me worriedly. “You okay, Marce?” I was about to say something when I saw her walk in… Tara.

-Tara’s POV-

I walked into my Psychology class and smiled at everyone. A girl who was about a year younger than me, squealed in delight, “Hi, Tara! I didn’t know you had Psychology.” I replied softly, smiling brightly, “Well, since my brother is SO intent on making me into a popular wannabe, I decided to have my schedule switched when he wasn’t looking…” I looked over when I noticed Leeroy sitting with a guy about our age wearing nerdy clothes. “HEY, LEEROY!” I yelled, waving at him and his friend. Leeroy’s friend blushed softly and looked away, but apparently Leeroy had other ideas.

-Marcel’s POV-

Leeroy grabbed me by the arm and dragged me over to where Tara was. “Hi, Tara,” he said, smiling like an idiot, “This was the guy I was talking about. Marcel, meet Tara. Tara, meet Marcel.” I waved softly after swallowing a lump in my throat. She said, smiling at me, “Hey, Marcel. Leeroy told me all about you. Aren’t you Harry Styles’ brother?” I looked at her and sighed. “Y-Yeah.” “I hope this doesn’t sound weird, but I used to date him in 8th year.” I felt my eyes grow wide as I stared at her. “You were the girl who always came by to see my brother in middle school??” Tara nodded, laughing softly, “Yep that was me.” “B-But you were short then… Wow…” She giggled and I found myself smiling at her. She wasn’t how I expected her to be. “So, um how’s Harry & Edward?” she asked hesitantly, knowing that if Avian was around, the girl would break down in tears. I shrugged. “Harry hasn’t called home in a few weeks, said he’s been busy with ‘girls’ and all that. And Edward hasn’t been around for a few months. He used to call us all the time, but he just… stopped. Avian asked me about him earlier. You know, Avian Monroe, the sister of Harry’s new girlfriend, Jessie?” Tara nodded and then the bell rang and she said, “Hey, Marcel. I’ll give you my number after class before I leave so we can talk, okay?” I nodded and smiled to myself. Leeroy smiled triumphantly, “I’m awesome.”

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