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Friday The 13th XVII: Jason's Final Chapter 2

October 24, 2016
By Kurtis34 PLATINUM, Akron, Ohio
Kurtis34 PLATINUM, Akron, Ohio
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One morning, I was at Mr.Laurene’s house at 10 am. I was ready to say goodbye to Mr.Laurene’s. Then while I was driving home I saw a lightning bolt appear out of nowhere. Meanwhile, at Camp Laurene the bolt hit Jason’s deceased body and brought him back to life. Then, Jason Voorhees stood up waiting for me and my new friends to kill for revenge by killing him a year ago.

Back at my house, I was ready to go to Camp Laurene again. This time I brought my friends. Their names are Alma, Laurene, Sax, Kersten, Sierra, Oo, Tramar, Jackson, Caleb, and J’Bryan. We all got on the bus ready to go and I was ready and forget what happened a year ago with Jason.

2 hours later, we arrived at Camp Laurene. I was next to Alma on the bus. We walked together and then Jackson made a fake hockey mask and scarred Alma. Jackson laughed and said, “I got you good.” Then, Mr. Laurene said, “Stop it, Jackson!” Then Sierra asked me “Why are you so paranoid?” I said “A killer killed my 10 friends with Laurene Alma and I left over and I killed him with this weapon I built a year ago”. I showed Sierra my weapon. She said,” That’s awesome you built this.” I said “Thank you.”

5 hours later, it was nighttime. At the cabin was Sierra, J’Bryan, Alma Laurene and I. Then Alma said to Mr. Laurene “I have to go to back to the bus I forgot something.” Mr. Laurene said, “I’ll go with you so you don’t get lost.” Alma said “Fine.” Then Jason saw Kurtis’s old friends and decided to get them 1st for revenge.

Mr. Laurene waited by the tree by the bus. Then Jason grabbed a pencil I dropped for bird watching. Then Jason grabbed Mr. Laurene and stabbed it through this heart. Then Alma came out and saw Mr. Laurene and screamed. Then Jason grabbed Alma and hit the bus’s trunk 3 times at her rear jugular neck vain and killed her with blood all over her torso.

Next morning, I walked outside with Sierra and J’Bryan. Then we all saw their horribly deceased bodies and called the counselors. Then, Sax said “Did any of you do this?” I said “No, but I know who did it. It was Jason.” Sierra walked to the lake by our cabins for a dip. Then Jason saw Sierra swimming. Then when Sierra walked out of the Lake she dropped something by the shore. Then Jason appeared out of nowhere and stabs her in the abdomen and killed her with one shot with his machete.

3 minutes later, J'Bryan is on the pier seeing Sierra's body and then Jason appears the pier across from J'Bryan and wears Jackson's mask to disguise him and armed with a throwing knife. O’Bryan " If’s this is a prank it’s not funny." Then Jason aims and J'Bryan says," Cut that out" Then Jason hits J'Bryan's jugular vein and kills him and falls in the lake. Meanwhile, Caleb and I play cards to get the image out of our mind. Then I decide to take a walk and see Sierra and J' Bryan across from the fuel supply shed and the lake and see their dead bodies.

Caleb then scares me with Jackson mask. I said “That’s not funny!" Caleb asked, “Why are our friends being deceased? ". I said back “I told you its Jason." Caleb asked," What does he look like?” I said" He wears a hockey mask with a machete. He is also invincible to guns." Caleb said to everyone else" Look out for Jason."

Caleb was armed with a knife and ready to take down Jason. 2 hours later, Caleb said “I’m taking a nap." As Caleb was walking, Jason was behind him. Then Caleb said" Is that you Kurt-gulch" Jason stabs Caleb 30 times with his knife at his jugular neck vein and lungs.

Next morning I was running to the cabin with Mr. Sax, Mr. Kersten, Oo, Tramar and Jackson. Oo and Jackson were practicing their hand to hand combat for Jason. Mr. Sax said “It’s time to eat at the campfire.” Mr. Kersten called everyone to the campfire. I said “This isn’t the time to eat. We have to train for Jason Voorhees.” Oo said, “Eating helps you for energy.” I said, “True.”

Next morning, Oo and I were ready to water ski. I said “Go on without me and let me get ready.” Oo said “Okay” 3 minutes later; Oo took a break and walked around the forest. Then, Jason saw Oo and took out Alma’s belt ready to use it. Then Jason grabbed a branch. Then as Oo sat on the tree Jason wrapped the belt around Oo’s temple and started to wind it over and over. As it was winding, Oo kept screaming for 30 seconds. Then, the belt crushed his head like a blue berry with the brain into pieces.

Then, Jackson saw the crushed head and called Sax, Kersten, and Me. I said,” That’s it, everyone grab a weapon to take down this killer once and for all.” Jackson grabbed an AK 47 with a bayonet at the top for close range. I grabbed my same weapon I used to defeat Jason last time and 6 grenades. Sax and Kersten grabbed spears and pistols.

We were ready to take on Jason. I said,” If you see Jason whistle for us.” Everyone said “Okay”. Meanwhile Tramar was on the other side by the fuel supply shed. Then Jason saw Tramar go in. Tramar saw Jason and ran. Then Tramar ran into the basement and saw it was a dead end. Then Jason burst the door down with an angry face at Tramar. Then Tramar tried throwing boxes but then Jason grabbed Tramar by the neck and threw Tramar into the open fuse box and electrocuted Tramar to death. Then all of the camp’s electric went out. Then Jackson grabbed us a flashlight to see well.

Jackson said, “Where’s Tramar?” I said “Jason must have killed him. Go and see if you can see where Jason is.” Jackson said “Okay”. Jackson grabbed his AK 47 with bayonet to take on Jason.

5 minutes later, Jackson sees Jason right in front of him. Jackson then uses 20 bullets on Jason. Jason falls down looking dead. Jackson then sees if he’s really dead by stabbing him with the bayonet. Then after the 2 stab Jason grabs the Ak47 and breaks in half looking ticked off at Jackson. Jackson punches Jason 30 times. Then as Jackson panting, Jason take an upper knee hit so hard at Jackson it takes his whole upper half off fly 20 inches away.

I went to check up on Jackson and see Jackson upper half there. I call Sax and Kersten to discuss how to defeat Jason.

I say, “You guys distract Jason by the fuel supply shed and roll out one oil drum by the others in the shed and then I shoot them to kill Jason once and for all.” They said” Okay”

20 minutes later, Sax and Kersten see Jason and say “Come and get us you freakazoid.” Then Jason follows Sax and Kersten to the shed and they find an oil drum and roll it by the shed. Sax and Kersten say” Hurry up” Then I say “Run.”

I say “Hey Jason, Go to Hell!” Then I shoot the barrel and blow up Jason into the water. Then, Sax and Kersten call the police and close the camp and call us heroes.

1 year later, Sax and Kersten see me relax on the place where Jason fell. Then out of nowhere Jason and his burned body grabs me to the bottom of the Lake with Jason and me and scream.

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