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Tales from 9/11 Part 3-50 Years Later

September 18, 2010
By satellite23 GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
satellite23 GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
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President Walls was sitting in a chair in his office, stroking his graying hair. This was going to be one of the most revolutionary days of all time. He was leaning back, thinking things over in his head for the trillionth time…this minute. His speech. His clothes. His actions. The whole world was depending on him to create the most extraordinary day since the Creation of the world. On this day, September 11, 2051, President Walls had to convince the other world leaders to accept world peace.

He looked at his 3DTV and watched the crowd outside become seven billion strong. He flipped the channel and found out that another three billion were tuned in to their televisions also. That was almost two-thirds of the world.

Suddenly, a man came in, saying “Sir, we must get going outside. The entire world is waiting…for you.”

“Alfred, what is the price of world peace? Is it really going to be all it is hyped to be?” Walls stared intensely into his Vice President’s face, rubbing his chin in thought. “I mean, some are accusing me of inducing communism into the United States, trying to take control of the world. Like a hundred-year reincarnation of Hitler. Is it really worth it?”

“Well, sir, I support you fully. I think that only you have the opinion of what is best for the world. You were elected President for a reason, sir. And it just so happens that you are a prodigy baby.” With that, Alfred walked out of the room with a smirk on his face.

Walls sat there for a few minutes, sorting his thoughts. Finally, he decided that the best way for him to do that was to write everything down in his diary.

He pulled out the book that he started when he was elected, some three years ago, and wrote:


Wow. Fifty years after the infamous attacks. And what a crazy fifty years it has been. I don’t know where to start this….I guess I just need to sort out my thoughts as I come towards this moment of truth.

Alfred just called me a prodigy baby. Haha. I guess it is sort of true. I just can’t believe all of the coincidences that have occurred that would suggest as such. I don’t believe it though.

Well, maybe I should write down all of the coincidences, as I haven’t yet. Hmmm. Well, I guess everything fell into place during the attacks. I guess some could say it all happened the moment I was conceived, but it never fully came into light until the attacks. When my mother and father had a vision at the same time. My mother always told this story, so I must write it down now, because I suddenly feel as though I must write it.

It all started when my mother walked into Ms. Maria’s office, gloating about her achievements. Maria stood up in aggression, and Mother left. She went to go get her bonus check so she could actually show it off to Maria later. The first plane hit in the opposite building that she was in, so she just ducked into a nearby empty room. The impact was so hard, though, that part of the wall collapsed on her. Eventually, more debris and plaster fell on her and she laid there underneath five feet of rubble, clinging on to a string of hope.

Miraculously, Maria heard her cry, saw that it was her under there, and hesitated. Unbelievably, she dug the rubble up and freed Mother. She always said that that particular incident was the ultimate act of kindness…and that it changed her. Right then, she had the vision. She did not know that she was pregnant with me at the time, but she saw it. An angelic figure coming towards her, and announcing my birth. Saying that I would grow up to be the difference between the end of the world and world peace. One or the other. And that is what it is coming to today.

Anyway, then Father died. It’s sad…I never knew him. But, I have heard that he died in honor. He saved Maria twice. And then fell into the inferno below him.

But, as Maria and Mother were walking, Maria got trapped. Maria could’ve died right there. But, Mother, feeling as she must repay her eternally, dug her from under the rubble. She dug, and dug, and dug. And got to the person who had saved her just moments before. But she was weak. So my mother had to drag her out of the building. Down five stories, ten flights of stairs. They got outside and watched in terror as the buildings collapsed before their eyes.

Maria was rushed to the hospital. She was in and out for almost a year, but finally she died. She was traumatized and had lost all hope as she fought a collapsed lung and a broken leg. America had gone into a frenzy, and she thought that the end was near, so she gave up. But she was alive as I was born. One day, Mother came in with me and some members of the Honor Guard. They presented Maria with many awards for her bravery during the attacks. Mother said that she thought that she had gained hope after that, which she did for a while. She appeared on a national TV event, and during that session, one of the most important things in history happened. The son of a terrorist leader was watching that with his father as he tried to gain insight on our country. He changed right there. He saw the light and changed. Now, as an adult, he has gained a high position and has spoken against terrorism. He has become one of the leading figures that have gathered today to announce our intentions for world peace.

But Maria died shortly after that. Mother had kept her bonus check for that day, when she paid her funeral in full with the money which she had been bragging about some twelve months before. And that, I think, is another tremendous act of kindness. And that is what might get me to convince others to support my intentions.

But, there are still numerous leaders fighting against us. And we must get them to help us today. But it will be a challenge. World leaders have created deals that will definitely process us towards peace, but they will be nullified if the majority doesn’t support our intentions. And, there is always the threat of communism. Many believe that I am trying to take over the world. That is not true, but it is still believed by many. Well, at least they truly believe in SOMETHING. Oh well. I must go now. The entire world is waiting.”

With that, he closed the diary, stuffed it in his drawer, and walked out of his office. It was a long, tiresome walk, but he finally made it. He stepped outside to a large crowd, some cheering, some booing. He looked over and saw the leaders sitting in their chairs already. They were intently thinking about their decisions. Walls took a few long strides to the podium. What was odd, though, was that there was a piece of an old newspaper on the podium. He looked around and saw that nobody knew where it came from. It just was there. He read the headline: 9/11/01 “Little Girl Saves Family”. He put it away and looked at the crowd. This was the moment of truth.


Author’s Note: I could not think of a better way to end this. I originally thought that it should end well, with world peace being accepted. But, I thought that sounded too unrealistic in so many ways. The public would not accept that. The world leaders would not accept that. So, I had to drop off the ending so that YOU can create your own. Only you have the power to decide whether peace came about or not. The first two parts were easy to write, yet I think they are so good. They are about the tale of two enemies facing their moment of truth where they must act for the good or better and show their true character. The only way for true peace to come around is if we face our opponents and give them a hand when the time comes. Otherwise, where will we get in life? Wars, hatred, and just more enemies. Nobody likes to have people hate them. In today’s age, we want to have as many friends as possible. So, why should we subtract from that number by creating the opposite? Next time you come across someone who you supposedly “hate”, give them a hand in something. There is no greater feeling for a moral human then when that person just stares at you and sheepishly says, “Thanks?” Then help them some more. Don’t let differences or grudges get in the way. Our personal enemies are enemies of the future. Create enemies, and you will create a hateful future. Create friends, and you will create a friendly future.

Now, I could have gone on and saved the world in the story. But that would be too unrealistic. One power would have to rule the entire world basically. I know that people would not fall for that. Not after WW2. World peace may never exist. True world peace may never exist. But, we can try to create it one small step at a time. Just as Maria saved Alexis (which led to world peace), we too can help someone which may have an impact later down the road, whether we see it now or not.

The author's comments:
This is the conclusion to my story. Enjoy.

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on Jan. 3 2011 at 7:16 pm
satellite23 GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
14 articles 0 photos 100 comments

Favorite Quote:
Prove it.

Well, I hope you guys truly enjoyed the story......I just reread it and I still thoroughly enjoy it. It has not received much recognition, but I believe that it is my best story.