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The Youngest but Deadliest

December 19, 2019
By Mendoza4 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
Mendoza4 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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There was a boy named Julian, his life was taken on the battlefield. He may have been one of the best soldiers to have ever lived, despite being a 17 year old boy. He was a top of the line marksman and he was considered an asset to the army. Julian specialized in any kind of gun shooting or handling, and was able to get out of any situation without a scratch on him. It all changed when he had gone into a war one day, trying to help the country he served to take over the whole asian continent.

It all started when he was 3 years old, his father had seen that Julian had taken a liking to firearms and melee weapons. Julian's father had always wanted to be an assassin all his life but is now too old to do anything military like, so instead of him becoming one, he looked over to his son Julian. His father had decided to make the worlds most deadliest assassin to veer live, he was going to make a weapon out of his son. Julian started training at the age of six, Julian had started by getting into shape and into the condition to last long periods of time in any type of condition.

After the conditioning training, he has turned into a boy with superhuman strength. He aced everything athletic and had been number one in the country for everything athletic, there was nothing he couldn’t do that involved anything physical. Julian had also come at the top of every one of his classes, he was so intelligent that he went to college at age 14. After finishing college two years later, he went into the military and had continued his training. Julian's father after knowing that Julian had joined the military, he started training Julian in firearm handling and shooting. Julian in the military, already having the physique of a well sculpted man, has been brought up in rank many times, putting many of the grown men in the camp to shame. 

At sixteen years old he had been ranked as a marksman, meaning he was very accurate with every shot he had taken with a gun. With his father training him in firearms as well he had become a sniper with any gun he picked up. Every soldier at the camp was amazed at how this teenager has 100% accuracy with any gun he is given. So with both his father and the military training him, he has become what his father had finally longed for. Julian had become a full blown assassin. Julian was sent on missions with special ops members to escort important people or on missions where he would be assisting his fellow comrades in breaching into drug cartel warehouses and other missions similar to the ones mentioned. 

Julians 17th birthday was now coming into reach, but unfortunately he was going to be sent into one of the largest wars’ the country was ever going to face. But Julian was no ordinary special op anymore, he was now ranked an asset to the government which will be like calling in an airstrike. Instead of an airstrike though, Julian was going to be sent out to get rid of whatever problem the army or military is facing. One of the squads sent by the army on the third day of war had run into an ambush and needed to be escorted out. Julian had been called along with the special ops force to escort the squad out of trouble. They were assembled on the night of Julian's birthday and sent off the same night. They arrive at the scene and the special ops group make a plan to separate and surround the area, once the signal was made they all bomb rush in and seize all enemies. Once they had all surrounded the area, the signal was made and they had rushed in, but none of the team had seen any enemies. But Julian on the other hand made an observation, he hadn’t seen any bullet shells or anything of that sort, once he made that observation the squad that was meant to be escorted had come out of the shadows. That squad had turned on the special ops team and started finishing them off one by one, the reason they had done this was because the government had thought of them as people that could turn on them and cause them their lives, especially Julian. 

So the special ops team is fighting the biggest battle they will ever face, and they were running low on people. One by one they were being finished off and soon enough, Julian was the only one left. Julian is one of the most deadliest assets to ever live, and now it ends, as Julian is getting surrounded by soldiers, one by one pointing a gun to his head and then pulling the trigger to seize what could’ve been the deadliest person to walk the earth.   

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