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Now or Never

July 15, 2009
By bubbasamantha GOLD, Woodville, Ohio
bubbasamantha GOLD, Woodville, Ohio
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I caught my breath as I walked down the hallway of Middlebridge’s Junior High. It was now or never.

There she was, gliding like an angel come down from heaven, except she was walking.

Her name was Jillian Blake, and I had loved her ever since second grade. I remember standing in the lunch line, watching her walk toward a table; just how I was watching her now. I started walking too, but I tripped over my own two feet, and spilled my lunch everywhere. After that incident, the kids at school would call me Klutz. Even though most have forgotten all about it, some still remember it as if it were yesterday, and still call me by that name. That’s probably why Jillian never gave me the time of day.

As I watched her walk now, I almost fell once again, but caught myself.

Few, I thought. I don’t want another instant replay of the Klutz Incident!

She was getting nearer. Now she was walking right past me. I could feel her soft, curly blond hair touch my head as she swiftly walked by.

I had to get up the courage. The spring dance was coming up on Saturday, and if I wanted her to be my date, I would have to ask soon. Many of the guys were already planning on taking her. I felt bad for them, since I knew that I was going to be taking her as soon as I asked.

I opened my mouth, about to ask her. But nothing came out.

I looked up ahead of myself. She was slipping further and further away. If I waited another second, it would be too late.

I glanced around the corner. There was Connor Dickson, the most popular guy at school. He was walking up to where Jillian was.

A horrible thought popped into my head. What if Connor was going to ask her to the dance?

I knew I had to catch up to her before Connor did.

I started sprinting forward, passing Connor on my way.

There she was, just a couple feet away.

The excitement was swelling up inside me. If I didn’t ask right now, I would explode!

“Jillian!” I yelled, even though I was now right on her heels.

She whirled around.

“Yeah?” she asked.

“Do you want to go to the dance with me?” I asked right away.

“Umm….” She seemed puzzled. “The dance? I’m sorry, Charlie, but I’m kind of already going with Connor,” she said and shrugged.

“Oh,” I said as my face fell from disappointment. “That’s cool; I guess I’ll see you guys there then!”

“Yeah, I guess,” she said and walked away with Connor, his arm around her shoulders.

So much for that brilliant idea!

The author's comments:
I wrote this story for fun! It was really cool to write from the perspective of a boy.

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