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Queen Bee

May 29, 2010
By TheJust ELITE, Ellenton, Florida
TheJust ELITE, Ellenton, Florida
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"When it’

I am nervous, and this unusually bumpy carriage ride is not helping matters in the least. I am on my way to my new palace, where I shall, hopefully, rule as queen. The Honey's late queen died recently, leaving behind no heir. I was then called to assume the duties of queen.

I am not sure how they will respond; they loved their former queen, dearly, and cared for her until the day of her passing. I will only be allowed a few short moments to prove myself worthy of the Honey's love and respect, or I will be denied.

I shift my position. My carriage is much smaller than I am used to and the walls are close about me. I do not mind, though, for it gives my mind something, other than my arrival at the Honey's kingdom, to focus on.

The carriage halts to a stop. It is then lifted up and over the gates of the kingdom and set gently inside. I hear them. The Honey's wait outside, anxiously awaiting my entrance. I breathe deeply. Only a few moments now and they shall have made their decision. As is custom, they begin slowly to tear at the door. By the time they reach me, they will have decided whether or not I am a suitable queen. I can't breathe. I hear them coming closer and closer, the door growing thinner and thinner. My breathe is caught in my throat as they finally break through.

The Honey's grow nearer to me. They study, they analyze with their many eyes. What are they thinking?

I long to hear the applaud of their acceptance ringing throughout the halls. I close my eyes.

They have made their decision. The sound of applause is not heard, echoing in the corridor. Instead, the sound of clanging metal is heard as the guards pull their swords. I have been rejected.

I am executed, as is custom. On their backs, they march me to the street, where they dispose of my lifeless body. I lay there to rot and be eaten by insects, as yet another queen is brought to the kingdom. The sound of applause is heard; their queen is now reigning.

I will not shed a single tear, since I am simply living the life of a queen bee.

The author's comments:
If a queen bee dies, a new one is brought into the hive. A gumdrop is used as the stopper to the bottle, so the bees will eat away at the gumdrop and hopefully accept the new queen. If the sound of applause is heard, they have accepted her. If not, you will soon see the bees carrying the dead queen out, on their backs, and they will dump her out of their hive. The things you learn while living on a farm. :)

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