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She's Another Girl Gone Wrong

November 12, 2008
By Anonymous

My doorbell rings. I'm upstairs getting ready for bed, it's only nine thirty, but I'm tired. My mom calls for me with distress in her voice. Worry washes over me. I'm at the front door within seconds. I can't even remember running down the stairs.

There she stands, at my door. My mom leaves us, knowing we need to be alone.

I look over her beaten body and feel my jaw clench. Her lips tremble. Streams of tears smudge her makeup. I tell her to come in and we go into my room.

I get her a change of clothes. Her current clothes are covered in blood sweat and god knows what. Her naked body stands before me, trampled swollen and delicate. She puts the clothes on and I walk back over to her wrapping her in my arms. She cowers her face into my neck as if I could save her. I can't save her. I can't do much but stay here and hold her. I wrap my arms tighter around her and start humming to her. It's barely perceptible, but she feels the vibrations burning through my throat. She recognizes it, and allows a smile to touch her perfect lips. It's our song. I finish humming and I push her away. She looks at me in question. I flick off the light and return to her. I lead her over to my bed and lay her down. I run over to the opposite side and lay next to her. I hold her again. Just hold her, and let her cry. I run my hands over her face; I can feel the cuts and bruises. A lump emerges in my throat. An immense pressure forms in my chest making it hard to breathe. My eyes drown in their own tears, and my hands constrict into fists. I try to conceal my tears, but doing so only makes them appear faster. Every bone in my body aches to go beat the s**t out of the low life that did this to her, but my arms stay strong and bold around her. The night drags on. My tears stop, her sobs come less and less often. Her skin is soft and tender under my rough callused fingertips. Her breathing becomes slight and even. Her heartbeat is my lullaby, and mine is hers. We fall asleep in each others arms.

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