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All too Real

November 14, 2010
By StoryBox34 SILVER, Caldwell, Ohio
StoryBox34 SILVER, Caldwell, Ohio
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I walked through the graveyard and took a seat on and old, beat-up stump. Mandy was going to meet me here tonight. She’s the new girl at the school this year. She’s blonde. She’s gorgeous. She’s always putting others before herself. She’s a keeper.
A silver Volvo pulled up on the side of the road. The headlights went out and the engine shut off. Mandy called me over. I walked slowly across the dead, autumn grass. I hopped into her brand-new car and shut the door.
“Hey Babe,” I whispered, kissing her on the cheek.
“Hey. So, why are we here in a graveyard, of all places?” Mandy asked hesitantly.
“Well, you tell me why not?”
“I don’t know, I just think it’s kind of creepy”
“I think of it as…….” A loud, ear-piercing screech interrupted me mid-sentence. It lasted for a better part of the next thirty seconds.
“What was that?” I asked, still trying to regain my hearing. Mandy’s eyes were wide with horror.
“What? What’s wrong?!” I asked.
“My… my…. my CAR!!” she cried as she pointed to her side-view mirror.
I saw what she meant. The word “LEAVE” was scratched into the side of her brand-new car. I looked around the car, but I didn’t see any sign of the person who might have done this…… nothing but an empty graveyard.
I was starting to think that Mandy was right. Maybe the graveyard wasn’t the best place for our first date.
A shadow passed across the windshield. I shoved Mandy out of the driver’s seat and tried to start the car. Mandy was too terrified to do anything. That’s what worried me. I had no clue how to drive a car yet! I just got my learner’s permit!
I tried to calm myself, but I was still terrified. My heart began to race and I pushed the gas pedal as far down as it would go. I don’t know where I was headed, but anywhere was better than here!
I drove Mandy and I to the nearest hotel. My parents weren’t expecting me to be home until tomorrow afternoon. I was supposed to spend the night at a friend’s house.
I ran into the main lobby and dragged Mandy along with me. Her face showed no emotion, but I could tell that she was just as scared as I was. I used my parents’ credit card to rent us a room for the night. When we got to our room, we both went straight to the couch and turned on the TV, trying to take our minds off things.
Then, out of nowhere, the horrible shrieking noise burst my ear-drums again! Except this time, it lasted much longer. Mandy looked at me with terror in her eyes and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I was too scared.
Next thing I knew, it was 3:48am and I was in my bed, breathing deeply, covered in sweat. It had been all too real.

The author's comments:
I really don't think I am all that good at scary stories, but, its halloween, and I need something to get my creative writing juices flowing...

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