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Life or Death?

February 4, 2011
By SimplyRachel PLATINUM, Charlotte, North Carolina
SimplyRachel PLATINUM, Charlotte, North Carolina
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"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, that's why we call it the present."
"Things change, friends leave, and life doesn't stop for anybody."
~Stepgen Chbosky

Day by day my life ticks by. Life is just a pain. Life, love, friends, family, loss, happiness, sadness, anger, and every other emotion out there. Why is it such a terrible pain? Why is it me that has to go though it all? Is it because I'm quiet and closed and I don't talk as loud or gossip as much as you do? I hold my breath and try to relax. I don't want to be, what you say, a b****. Maybe you make fun of me because I don't curse, is that it? Is it because my vocabulary is better and my grades are higher than yours? Is that why you stick tape on my back in art class? And talk about me behind my back? I don't understand what I ever did to you. All I've ever done is be nice to you. Do you hate me because I don't let you cheat off my paper? Why? Why? Why? Everything is driving me crazy! It bangs on my head and makes me want to scream! I have a lot going on, so I keep to myself. You may have a lot going on too. Is that why you make fun of me? If it is, I'll listen if you want someone to talk to. I don't have a problem with that. I like listening and helping people. A little act of kindness goes a long way. Unlike your words, that scare me. Your words that tear me down even more. I don't know why you act this way. Why target me? Why anyone? It hurts. Sometimes, it kills. So please, just try, to be nice today. You never know, you may end up saving a life.

The author's comments:
This is a small peice I wrote for this guy at school. He always targets me and sometimes, his words hurt, BAD!

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