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The new kid

May 30, 2012
By Writing4Pub DIAMOND, Colts Neck, New Jersey
Writing4Pub DIAMOND, Colts Neck, New Jersey
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“IT’S NOT FAIR!”I screamed at my mom as I stomped up the creaky old stairs. “I HATE THIS NEW HOUSE! NOBODY WANTED TO MOVE EXCEPT YOU! IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!” I was furious! I couldn’t stand my mom for doing this. I loved our old house! I loved our old town. In school I knew everyone. I was always talking to someone or walking with someone, I was never alone! Now I am in a completely new town and I know nobody, absolutely nobody.
As I walked into my room, I heard a scream and a cry. I ran outside to where my mom was unpacking the car. “It’s gone!” she cried “My jewelry box is gone!” I got a little relieved.

“That’s it?” I asked “I ran all the way down here for you to tell me you forgot your jewelry box in the old house?”
“No, no I swear it was here! Someone must have taken it!” She argued! “I specifically put it right here so it wouldn’t break! Plus before we left I made sure I had it! I had hundreds of dollars of jewelry in there!”
“Mom, what do you think happened? When you walked into the house to get a drink, in those three seconds, somebody came and took it? Sure mom.” I sarcastically said.
“But,” she defended. Before she even finished her sentence I walked away.
I sat on my new bed. I could smell the dust that covered the floor of my room. This new house is very old. It’s been at least twenty years since somebody has lived here and the owners were selling it for very cheap. “It was practically free” I mimicked my mom “It was the perfect opportunity!”
I lay down on my bed. I was exhausted! I’ve been up since three in the morning and now it was eleven o’clock. I was ready to go to bed. Tomorrow I have school and I don’t want to make a bad impression on my first day. The rest of the night I had night mares about all the bad things that could happen tomorrow!
I suddenly woke to a scream! Tyler, my little brother was hidden under his covers, shaking in terror! I sprint into his room but when I find him safe under the covers I was relieved. “Tyler, it is three in the morning, why in the world are you screaming?” I yell furiously.
“I think someone’s in the...” But before he could even finish there was a clash and then it sounded like someone fell. Now I was petrified. I let out a scream and hid behind Tyler’s bed. After hearing two screams, my parents came running. My mom was bare handed and my dad held a golf club. They seemed as frightened as us.
“It’s coming from kitchen!” Mom yelled and she signaled dad to go down first. Then we heard the sound again. Now we were all shaking. Quickly, dad switched the light on and held the golf club as if it was a baseball bat, ready to swing. All of a sudden, we could see shattered glass all across the floor, it was moms, now broken, jewelry box. The window was open and there were three kids standing in our kitchen, shocked and terrified. We all were shocked and didn’t say anything for what felt like hours.
“Do you have anything to say, before I call the cops” my dad asks. The two kids began to cry. They were only about 13 or 14, my age.
“Please sir, I can explain” one of them begged.
“You better be able to explain” Dad said toughly
“We weren’t going to take anything; actually, we were coming to bring it back. You see, every time there is someone new on the block, we play jokes on them” The terrified kid explained
“Oh so this was some kind of joke?” My dad asked as angry as ever.
“Yes sir, I swear it won’t happen again, just please don’t call the police!” The kid begged
“Fine,” Dad said, “but if I ever see you in our house again trying to steal something again, I am calling the police, and I am sure your parent won’t be happy going to pick you up from the police station at three in the morning. You can go home now”
“Sorry sir” The kid said, and then he walked towards me. At first I was scared, but then I realized he was harmless. He reached his arm out, he seemed like he wanted me to shake it. “I’m Cole; I hope we can be friends. Every Monday and Friday me and the other neighbors play baseball, maybe tomorrow you can come play”
I didn’t know what to say! I was so happy! Baseball was my favorite sport. I was always worried when I got here I would never be able to play it again! I think I am going to like this new neighborhood I thought to myself.
“I’m Timmy,” I explained “and I would love to play” I walked them towards the door. “See you tomorrow!” I waved as they walked away into the dark. I was starting to love this new neighborhood!

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on Jun. 7 2012 at 7:42 am
Hmmm....seemed a little odd how it ended. So, two kids steal something from Timmy's mother, then break into their house. Now that's interesting. But, then Timmy becomes instant friends with them and thinks they are great kids? It seemed interesting at first but the end was sudden and didn't make any sense. 

on Jun. 6 2012 at 3:57 pm
EllieSwims BRONZE, Arlington, Massachusetts
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it didn't flow vey well, and there wasn't really much of a story. 2 stars because with revision it could be much better. maybe add some imagery?