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Lost ØŸ

December 4, 2008
By sundance1134@aol.com SILVER, New City, New York
sundance1134@aol.com SILVER, New City, New York
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A person on paper, a scribbled mess. Pieces missing and severed; dreaming of being whole. Detached from a perfect reality. Slowly falling downward, about to collapse on itself. Electronically connected 24/7. Life governed by sports and responsibilities. The field hockey stick is bigger than the person, controlling everything in and out of season. The field hockey ball is nearly the size of the figure’s head, able to knock it down in one hit, if the figure does not keep up.

Giving 110 percent, 90 percent of the time. No one is able to accomplish it all. Days and nights pass by and all the seasons morph into one infinite moment in time. A continuous cycle spiraling down, trying to get back to Earth. Knowing that when contact is made, her feet will be cemented to reality. Never being able to escape from the world’s clutches. Condemned to be eaten alive by the truth.

She became an it when her life turned upside-down. Her life was as chaotic as her portrait. The world a mess, looking for her to fix it. When all she wants is to close her eyes and pretend that it’s all gone. But in doing she’ll be lost and left all alone.

Life doesn’t exist in seclusion. Wanting to live, she moves on. Her next goal is to fix the world. Forgetting herself and worrying about others; she loses her identity.

She is just a number in society; a mere digit in statistics. Personality doesn’t matter, a simple façade will do. Putting a glowing smile on her face and a hop in her step, she goes out to solve the world’s problems. Her façade becomes her reality. She lost her identity to conform to society’s demands. In helping everyone else, she failed herself.

Searching for what she lost, she forgets about the world’s problems. Realizing that she will always be alone in this world and that all she needs is herself to get by. In grasping this she discovers her identity. She will never become society’s perfect mold. She found herself and lost the fake. Hoping someone else will save her project.

Not fully understanding. Looking toward the future. Holding on tight. She prepares to fight. Not caring is she is not accepted. Never giving up her treasure. For if it is lost again, she’ll never find it.

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