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December 29, 2014
By DanielRadcilffeFan18 SILVER, Marion, North Carolina
DanielRadcilffeFan18 SILVER, Marion, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
I'm not clumsy, I'm just accident prone.- Daniel Radcliffe

In fiction I can ride a dragon with blue scales and a horned tail,
Its fingernails made of silver that is the rarest of the land.
The dragon does not breathe fire but throws up pixie glitter instead.
I have a special riding bag with magic spells and little creatures of impossible feat.
In reality I ride in my mom’s white Ford.
Yes, I have my license, but I fear driving because I could get hurt in a crash.
That may be a small possibility, but still I live in fear.
One day that could happen to me.
The car is not special.
It goes from point A to point B.

In fiction I live in a 19th-century brownstone with one thousand bookcases, ten little cats, five little dogs, and a large bed just for me.
I have a Smart Car because I care for the environment and they are so cute in the street.
My wardrobe consists of scarves, wedged boots, turtleneck sweaters, and skirts of all kinds.
In reality I live in an apartment with my family and share a bed with my little sister, who is scared to sleep alone.
I have only one bookcase, which will be out of room soon, and I have nowhere to put another one.
We don’t have pets because they cost too much money and leave hair everywhere.
Nor do I have a car, because I don’t have a job.
My closet is full, but it only has sweatshirts, jeans, socks, music T-shirts, and sneakers.

In fiction I fight for my land.
I can battle any wizard who comes my way.
I can shoot spells from a magic wand.
I have the highest agility of my kind.
In reality I fight to hold my tongue.
I battle with homework that is due tomorrow.
I can make a smartass comment like a very short comedian.
I have the shortest attention span that I have known.

In fiction I am a dragonslayer, an aspiring novelist, and a sorceress with amazing power.
In reality I am a older sister with a loving family, a teenager needing a part-time job, and a student trying to get by day by day.
Both worlds collide when I have my laptop out during class and write whatever I like.
They meet in my daydreams after taking a test.
They mash together when I read.
I could not live without fiction –
But I could go a few weeks from my reality.

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on Dec. 31 2014 at 10:23 pm
DanielRadcilffeFan18 SILVER, Marion, North Carolina
5 articles 0 photos 15 comments

Favorite Quote:
I'm not clumsy, I'm just accident prone.- Daniel Radcliffe

@MissEmilyDickinson Thank you very ever so much. I love to hear positive feedback on my poems!

on Dec. 31 2014 at 11:21 am
EmilytheBelleofA. DIAMOND, Athens, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
To love is to be vulnerable; Triumph is born out of struggle; We notice shadows most when they stand alone in the midst of overwhelming light.

This I can connect to a lot. I used to read a lot because it was the only escape from reality. My reality was far from boring, thinking of it now, my reality was filled with action lol. But that was one of the reasons I used to read a lot, to get away from the action. Because it was too much for me, back then. I still read a lot, but I read now because I simply enjoy it. Though, books are still sometimes my escape. I love that you used your imagination and emotion and that you were honest in it. All in all, your poem has honesty, emotion, imagination and descriptiveness, and that I love. You wrote this amazingly and with talent, and all in all, this is just beautifully and well-written. I'm sincerely glad that you got an editor's choice for your poem because you truly deserve it. You have talent and greatness and light and a beauty that is your own; and so much more. You are an amazing and talented and wonderful writer and person. All of this true and so much more. Thank you so much for sharing this, my friend. Thank you. :)