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City Christmas

November 1, 2018
By Kyky1217 SILVER, Rockledge, Florida
Kyky1217 SILVER, Rockledge, Florida
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You can tell by the way they look at each other that there is something between the two of them. They just don’t realize it yet. The way he looks at her as if she was the only girl in the room. When she looks at him, it's like there is no one else that could be as amazing as him. They know that there is something special about each other, but just don’t want to admit. The love in their eyes, the twinkle each other’s smile. Here is how the Christmas couple came to be.

In New York City, this is the time of year where the holiday music plays loud all over town. Christmas cheer is all around.  It’s literally the best time of the year.But, Bethany is not having a the greatest morning though. With her house a mess and a big meeting this morning, there is a lot on her plate. Guests will arrive an hour after she gets home. That’s not how she originally planned this party. Her boss asked her to go attend a meeting across town because one of the other workers called in sick.  

Bethany Worth has been working for one of the biggest toy companies in all of America for the past five years since she got out of college. Every since she was a little kid, she wanted to work for Big Idea Toy Inc.. She is the retailing and merchandise sales representative, making sure every parent and kid know that this toy company.  Since Christmas is a week away, everyone is buying toys for their children and that means a lot of work for Bethany.

She goes and buys a coffee because she knows she’ll need the caffeine. On her way there, she turns on the Christmas music. Christmas time has always been her favorite time of the year ever since she was a little kid. Her dad would read the story of Jesus’ birth on Christmas Eve and her mom would play the piano while she would sing with her sisters, Lillian and Janette. She usually flies down to Tennessee to visit her parents and her sisters, but her father and mother won a trip on a Casino in the Florida Keys. So, she decided to spend Christmas this time up in New York. This will actually be her first time celebrating the holiday in the city. She also decided that it would be fun to have a party with a few of her coworkers, church friends, and best friends that have been with her for years. Shelby, her best friend, was the most excited person to have Bethany stay for the holidays. On Christmas Eve, Shelby is going over to Bethany’s house and baking cookies and watching It’s A Wonderful Life.  Bethany knew this was going to be an extravagant Christmas.


Eight hours later.


Bethany finally arrives home at five p.m., an hour and a half before the guests arrive. She cleans up her home and then heads to the kitchen to start baking. Her mother baked all the time during Christmas. She would bake some treats for the neighbors and the local homeless shelters. The best part she loved about going there was that her daughters always loved seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces. The people loved the Worth Family and their giving hearts.

Bethany starts making fudge, sugar and chocolate cookies, and of course, her mother’s famous pecan pie. She had picked up some eggnog and hot chocolate at the store on her way here. She had around twenty people who would be eating all this food. There wasn’t going to be really a main dish. She was just putting a tablecloth and all the food on the dining room table. She was so excited for this party.

Right after she finished tidying up the living room, the doorbell rang. There was a group of her friends standing outside the door with their big bulky coats and warm dessert bowls in their hands. Bethany welcomed right in. She turned her Christmas playlist on her speaker. She went around and said hi to everyone. She walked to the door when she had heard the bell ring again. Shelby was standing there with her arms wide open as she opened the door. While she hugged Shelby, Bethany couldn’t help but notice the handsome guy with eyes so crystal blue, you could see right through them. He was wearing a black shirt and scarf with a jean jacket with soft fur on the inside. His jeans were tucked in his with warm winter boots. His brown curly hair falls over the right side of his forehead at the perfect angle. His smile could light up a room. Who was this guy?

“This is James, one of my coworkers. I hope you don’t mind that I invited him over. He had nothing to do anyway.” Shelby told her.

“Oh no. I don't mind at all. The more, the merrier.” Bethany smiled at James.

“Hi. Thank you for letting me stay. It’s nice to meet you.” He states as he walks inside to the party. Some people are grabbing something to eat at the table and some are talking with each other in the open living space. James and Bethany head over to get something to drink and sit at the high bar table that connected to the kitchen and the living room. It was impossible for her to be blushing anymore when he commented her on her beautiful, red, lace dress. She was having a great time with James.

The time passed by really fast. Everyone started to head home around eight-thirty. They had families to get home to. “Do you wanna go for a walk?” James asked Bethany while he was helping her clean up. Shelby had to go home to her dogs and feed them. She had to go to work early the next morning. Bethany accepted his offer and they grabbed their coats and headed out. Since she lived so closely to Central Park, they walked over there to see the lights and the big Christmas tree. “Have you always lived in New York?”

“No. I use to live in Tennessee with my two sisters and my parents. I moved her when I got my job working for Big Idea Toy Inc. five years ago.” She answered back. “What about you?”

“No. I grew up in Nevada, then moved here when I turned eighteen. I always wanted to live in the big city.” He told her. As they reached the tree, they observed the colorful lights everywhere. There was still some snow on the ground from the last time the snow came down about a week ago. She could not stop looking at James. When he spoke, his voice was so calmful and peaceful. It was just so smooth. She smiled at the thought of him singing to her and wondering what it would sound like. She imagined him singing like one of the guys from the a capella group, Pentatonix. Her thoughts were interrupted when James touched her arm and pointed to the ice rink. She had been skating there only a couple of times. “Will you join me in the wonderful art of skating of thee ice?” He says in a strange english accent. She laughed and reached out to grab his hand that he held out for her. She was not going to pass on the opportunity to hangout with him longer. They went over to rent some skates at one of the mini shops and tied them on. They slowly stepped onto the ice. Bethany was not the greatest skater. She held onto the edge like her life depended on it. James smiled and reached out to grab her hand. Bethany clutched onto his arm with her other hand. He was a great skater. “I used to take lessons when I was younger.”

“Oh cool. I have only ice skated a few times before this.”

“Yeah, I kind of figured from when you first stepped on the ice.” She smiles and laughs. He smiled at her laugh. It was the cutest thing he has ever heard. She slowly start to guide softly across the ice left to right while she still held his right hand. There wasn’t very many people at the rink tonight. There was two couples and a few kids with their parents.

As Bethany started to skate on her own, James did a few tricks around her. He takes her hand and spins. She was scared at first, but was super glad he caught her when he tripped over her skate. They laughed together. Bethany and James are having a great time. They both don’t want this night to end.

After skating for a few more minutes, they return their skates back to the store. They walk hand-in-hand and make jokes and laugh about how each other almost fell...multiple times. “Thank you for asking me to go on a walk with you tonight. I had the best time ever.” Bethany tells him.

“Of course. I had a great time too.”

“We have to do this again.”

“Here’s my number,” He gives his business card to her. “Call me.” She blushes and wraps her arm around his as they walk back to her home and his car. She says goodbye to him and heads inside to warm up. “What a night!” she thinks.


Next week.


Bethany finds a maroon dress in her closet. She also grabs some black boots with heels. She has been waiting for this moment since Sunday. James called that day and asked if she wanted to go to the Festive Lights Parade this Friday. She,of course, accepted his offer. She had rushed home after working late at the office.

Around six o’clock, the doorbell rang. She walked over and opened the door. James was wearing the same knitted hat he had worn before, also with the same shoes. He was wearing a white shirt with a big tan leather jacket and jeans. “Wow. You look amazing.” He told her. She had her hairy in long, brown, bouncy curls and her maroon-gold eye shadow matched her dress perfectly. Her makeup was astonishing.

“Thank you. Let me just grab my coat and we can head out.” They walk over to the parade because it's at Central Park. He told her when they walked over that his grandparents would take him to this parade when he was a child. They died when he was 15 years old. It was a very hard time for him. James also shared with her that his dad decided to name him after his grandfather. Bethany loved that he was so open with her.

As they walk, holding hands, to the parade, she tells him the traditions with her family in Tennessee and that this actually her first Christmas in New York. “I couldn’t be spending it better than I am right now.” She told him with a soft smile. He smiled back and squeezed her hand a little.

He spoke with his voice that was calm and soft-spoken, “I am too, Bethany.”

When they arrived at the parade, they were lucky enough to find an open bench. She sat down and saved the seat next to her while James went to get them some peppermint mocha, Bethany’s favorite. They got there early, so she just remained seated and quietly observed everyone with their family and friends. It was like seeing all the people at the shelters when she was little, everyone has a smile on their face when the holidays are around.

“Here we go.” He hands her one of the mochas. It was nice to have something warm in her hands. She smells the top of the cup and smiles. Hot chocolate and candy canes. That's how she made the cheaper version of a peppermint mocha when she was younger. James sat next to her and put his arm around her just as the parade was coming down towards them. They could hear Jingle Bell Rock playing acoustically. Bethany snuggled up next to him. She soon sees the parade from where she is seated. The first thing you see if a big sign that says “Festival Lights Parade. New York City, New York.” It's around six forty-five and it's getting dark, so it's easier for them to see all the glowing lights around. The high school’s marching band is coming down playing Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. The couple sat down their drinks and stood up so they can see better with all the people around. Everything is just so beautiful. “What do you think?” James whispers to her.

“It’s amazing.” She whispers back to him. Bethany lays her head on his shoulder and wraps her arms around his waist. She feels like she has known him forever. It literally was love at first sight.

The parade slowly started to end around eight. She also was glad she had worn a nice, long, cozy coat. She was slightly cold. The mocha did help though and so did hugging James. They were just having the greatest time possible. The couple decided to walk again through the park and see all the lights again. They stopped at the tree again, but this time at a different spot. When they stopped and looked up, mistletoe was hanging above the them. “Traditions need to be carried on.” James tells her.

“I agree.” James and Bethany slowly lean in and kiss…under the mistletoe.

The author's comments:

I love writing stort stories. So, I added my love for christmas to that.

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