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my dream (part 1)

December 9, 2009
By Brooke_Lynn SILVER, Flanagan, Illinois
Brooke_Lynn SILVER, Flanagan, Illinois
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So I was at my local mall shopping with a bunch of my friends, and I was in that hallway by the food court. I was alone (at the time) because I was waiting for a couple of my friends, while everyone else found a table for us.
And I was texting my bestie, and telling her to hurry up because I was STARVING! When all of the sudden, this guy comes rushing past me and knocks me down. But I didn’t hit the floor. The guy had pushed me right into the arms of (of all people!) Justin Bieber! (He wasn’t alone. He had a bodyguard with him. You know, one of those big, black bodyguards that look really tough, but turn out to be softies on the inside? Yup. That’s him.) He seemed just as surprised as I was that I was in his arms. Things were getting kind of awkward…I was still in his arms and he was still looking down at me like I was the answers to his prayers. It didn’t look like he was going to say anything, so I decided that I was going to make the move and talk to him first. (Not like I’d really do that for real though…)
“Um…hey. Thanks for catching me. That really would have hurt.”
“No problem. But it was more like luck that I caught you. I didn’t even see you until you were right there in my arms.”
“Yeah…well, that guy was going a little too fast for this crowd. Uh, hey…aren’t you Justin Bieber?”
“Um, yes I am. How did you know it was me?”
“Oh, well, I love your songs…I’m not a stalker or anything…it’s just, not everyone has a face like yours.”
“Was that a compliment?”
I felt myself blush. “Oh, yeah. I didn’t mean to be rude or anything…”
“It’s okay.”
“Here. Let’s sit down. Hey, were you looking for someone earlier? I don’t mean to pry…but you looked like you were a guy on a mission.”
“Actually, I was. But I think I’ve found her.”
“Oh…” I said dejectedly. He was probably looking for his girlfriend. “What’s she like? Maybe I know her…”
“Well…she’s nice, cares about other peoples feelings, funny, really pretty, and has the most beautiful brow eyes. And when her hair catches the sunlight, you can see the red tints.”
I looked at my own hair…it did the same thing. In fact, we were sitting in one of the few places where the sun shone through. It looked like there were rainbows in shades of red coming from my hair. “Just who are you talking about Justin?!”
“It’s…” he started. Then he blushed. What’s he blushing about? I bet it is his girlfriend. “It’s you.”


The author's comments:
this story kinda...came to me in a dream(!) but i thought it might be fun to write it down, and tell my friends about it. well lets just say that they luved it! i hope you guys do too!

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