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A Creature Like Me

February 10, 2010
By actorsarecool SILVER, Zanesville, Ohio
actorsarecool SILVER, Zanesville, Ohio
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"You can be happy, you just haven't found it yet."~ A random stranger.

"God!" "I hate you, you know that right", she said dead serious.

"Yeah, well I'm not to fond of this either." "Okay."

As the pulsating, invisible force made me move toward her, I stroked her delicate soft cheek moving her dark hair out of her face. I could hear her breathing heavily, wanting to escape this as much as I did. But it was done. We are twin flames and it's as simple as that. What is a twin flame? Someone who is in the same spirtual frequency as you, someone who is a part of you. Are souls were waiting to be one, but somehow she stopped it. I knew she hated this, she hated me. I couldn't blame her, a creature like me is merciless full of terror, waiting for the next kill. The kill is exciting I will admit, the adrenaline pulsing through me, the look of weakness on your prey, it's like Christmas he said to himself. But right now with her, he knew none of that mattered he loved her, it was as simple as that.

As she finally woke up from the power pushing her to him, she finally woke up from this illusion. "Stop It"!, as she said this she pushed the power away. "I hate you"! , she kept on screaming those words over and over.

"Just leave me alone.", she said. "Please, just go away." She was begging by now, she hated me, absoulutely hated me.

"You are a demon, and you are nothing to me," "Go."!

"Fine I understand." As she said, all these words my heart grew broken. I knew I had know reason to even be here, but I had to. As a few seconds passed I realized that i actually had feelings and cared for someone. I even loved that someone that truly despised me. As I looked in the mirror it seemed I was a normal fifteen year old, but underneath this illusion I was a creature of death, of evil.

I knew suddenly what I was.


The author's comments:
Their is some significance to this story, but for perosnal reasons that are truly complicated....But I really hope you enjoy this piece.

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