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March 24, 2010
By Beth. SILVER, Blyth, Other
Beth. SILVER, Blyth, Other
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Night View High is a place where kids who are gifted with powers and inhuman beauty go to live, this the school for the Children of the Night. It is a Vampire school
“This is going to be difficult...” Daniel Chenney sighed, he had been assigned to look after the new girl Kaitlyn Williams, though was having trouble getting to her through the masses of boys. It didn’t surprise him; the girls around here were old news and all were all-right looking. Well that was other than Amber Mitchelson; she was gorgeous, though she had a steady boyfriend in some mysterious English kid. She ditched school regularly and it didn’t surprise him in the slightest when Kaitlyn Williams was just as beautiful as her cousin. At this point in time Daniel was the most wanted boy in school he was mysterious and the best athlete in the school and if he did say so himself, awfully handsome. He wasn’t the only one who thought that either all the girls at Night View High wanted him. He wanted Kaitlyn more than any girl he knew. He made his decision he walked into the mass of boys and using his strength and obvious height to get through to Kaitlyn and Amber they had linked arms, and were whispering quickly and excitedly as he approached.
“Hi, you must be Kaitlyn, I’m Daniel Chenney, I’m supposed to be looking after you,” Kaitlyn and Amber stifled a giggle. “I know that sounds dodgy but it’s true, all my lessons are the same as yours I’ll walk you to them if you want?” He was leaving the choice up to her; he didn’t like being a pushy boyfriend. The giggle escaped she had a cute laugh, he liked it. It wasn’t prolonged and wasn’t exaggerated it was genuine. Kaitlyn shook back her long black hair revealing purple eyes, the hair was glossy and waist length, it just added to her perfectness. The purple eyes were also odd they weren’t the signature baby blue of most female vampires. Whilst he was mooning over her, she opened her mouth to answer.
“Um... yes please.” She had a beautiful voice it was shy and musical. Kaitlyn blushed as Amber laughed, it was cute; she was shy and so was he. “Where shall I meet you?” Kaitlyn asked
“We’re in the same class; I’ll take you if you want. It’s just down the hall.” Daniel asked pointing roughly down the hall. They started walking said goodbye to Amber at her room and then they were together, by themselves. “Mr. Adams, this is Kaitlyn Williams, the new girl.” He presented Kaitlyn to Mr. Adams and then went to sit down; he sat in a midst of bulky and rather tall boys, his gang. He high-fived one of the group and whispered something to low for Kaitlyn to catch though he looked at her, whilst he said it.
Mr. Adams looked around and noticed the spare seat next to Daniel, Kaitlyn sighed “Welcome to Night View High, you can go sit next to Dan.” Daniel waved and Kaitlyn sighed. She walked with a lithe step looking like she floated, to the seat next to Daniel. He shot the boys a warning look as she sat down. She looked uncomfortable. Mr. Adams called the register to make sure everyone was there and no-one was going to miss their lessons. Really homeroom was just a giant common room shared by one class, of both sexes. There were different dormitories. It was 8 o’clock and the entire school had just woken up and had ‘breakfast’, lessons lasted from eight till four in the morning.
“C’mon first lesson is Vamp History... I’ll see you guys later.” He high-fived one of the boys and then turned back to Kaitlyn.
“Don’t ditch us again, we don’t care who you’re sitting next to.” Threatened one of the group. He raised his eyebrows menacingly and winked at Kaitlyn.

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i just luv vampires and love stories

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