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Fire Heart7

April 21, 2010
By natygrace1217 PLATINUM, Jefferson, Maryland
natygrace1217 PLATINUM, Jefferson, Maryland
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Chapter 7: Life with a Wolf
I knew that Drew would
Never be able to keep anything from me. That was such a reassuring feeling to know that he loved me that much.
That he had vowed his life to me. That nothing in this world would change the way he felt about us. I knew that we were locked, strong, and incredibly pure.
I knew we were unlike anyone else in this world. I knew that every other teenager thought they felt the way we did, and took the next step. Yet we knew what we were feeling, but we were perfectly fine as to where we were in our relationship.
Drew would be seventeen forever, and I wanted so badly to, to be like him. I knew I would be able to crack him in time, but not quite yet…

Drew walked closely by my side, and had his hand placed firmly on the back of my neck. His hands were always burning hot, but I never complained.
I had gotten used to the burning fever like sensation.
His firm hand somewhat pushed my neck forward. I didn’t say anything about it though, not wanting him to heat up more and get upset.
Having him behind me made me feel safe protected. I looked forward, avoiding my friends. With Drew being so protective, he wouldn’t let me out of his sight, and quite frankly he really didn’t approve of my friends.
That didn’t bother me much though.
They didn’t approve of him much any way either. They thought I deserved more.

He walked to English class, still with a firm grip. He walked me to my seat, and sat next to me. They had been two by two tables and we had been put together at the beginning of the year.
I had my hands on the table, and he put his hand over my hand closest to him. Again I felt the comforting warmth of his warm-blooded nonhuman body. He leaned over to me.
“Are you interested in this topic?” His voice asked in such a sweet, wonderful, mesmerizing tone. I shook my head. He smiled and sat up straight. He traced my fingers on the table.
“Your fingers are tiny.” He muttered. I smiled and almost laughed. He shook his head and stroked my hair. I missed the burning comfort of his hand on mine.

After class we walked to the lunch line. He was quiet as he had always been. He held my waist firmly, and out of my comfort, again walked behind me. His grip was tight on my waist I knew I was unable to wriggle out of the hold.
I felt comfortable though. We got a regular lunch that consisted of an apple, granola bar, grilled cheese, and a bottle of water. He held his trey steadily with no movement, and still had his arm on my waist.
We sat down across from each other at our own table. Melina sat at a table behind us sure to keep her distance. She glared at me. I looked back and started to slowly eat my unappetizing lunch.
Drew picked the bread off of his sandwich and threw it on his plate. Finally he broke the uncomfortable silence. “Your lunch taste good?” He asked still looking at his plate with almost a disgust face.
“Not really. It isn’t that appetizing.”
I sighed as I picked at the granola bar. I took a tiny bite of it, and it tasted worse than it even looked.
I made a disgusted face, and looked around my mouth full. I picked up my napkin and deposited the granola in the napkin from my mouth. I folded the napkin and threw it on my tray.
My face looked as if I had tasted something sour. Drew burst out into hysterical laughing at my expressions. His laugh was so dark and heavy, and so sweet. It was so powerful.
I didn’t laugh though, as I still had the horrible taste in my mouth. He rubbed my shoulder, as his laughing slowed.
I coughed a little and shook my head. “I’m sure this doesn’t look appetizing to you.” I said shaking my head. “Especially as it isn’t to me.” I rolled my eyes. “Not really but oh well.
I don’t feel like even tasting it.” He shook his head starring at his plate. I studied his face as he looked up. I both mentally and physically couldn’t look away. A small smile peeked out of the corner of his mouth.
“Aaralyn what’s wrong?” He kind of laughed. “What?” I asked As soon as I heard his mesmerizing tone. It was so sweet and gentle, but it was so dominant and forceful.
It was as if he were commanding, but in such a gentle way. He smiled and shook his head. “This time I won’t leave it alone. Why are you looking at me like I have four heads?”
He laughed. “What are you talking about?” I asked fully aware of what he was talking about. “Aaralyn you look at me like that all the time. I just want to know why. It’s just kind of I don’t know….kind of makes me wonder.”
I stared at his profound face. “Well does it bother you? I, I really am not trying to it just is a habit I don’t even know I do sometimes. Are you mad?” I asked so quickly I stuttered.
He laughed at my worried face and shook his head. “Oh Aaralyn no it doesn’t bother me at all, I was just curious. Aaralyn you never bother me.”
He smiled that little smile out of the corner of his mouth. I smiled awkwardly back, my smile un- comparable to his. He shook his head and looked down at his tray.
“They should at least make the food appetizing for you little humans. You know some times food can be appetizing for us to, but here it isn’t.
Has it ever been appetizing?” He asked me in a curious voice. I shook my head. “Not really it has always kind of been gross and blugh. I never liked it. But I never bring my own lunch. Lunch itself doesn’t seem too appetizing to me.” He nodded.
He looked at his watch. “Do you mind ugh going with me somewhere?” He asked in a quiet almost soothing tone. “When?” I asked curiously. “Well now cause’ I just please?” He pleaded to me.
I pulled his arm over and looked at his watch. “Well I have science next, and the subject right now is very umm boring but more on the east side. So I don’t mind.” I smiled lightly at him.
He nodded and his smile peeked, and took form. His smiles were always small and shy like. His elegant face framed the awkward little smile, and his divine and incredibly glittery green eyes exposed and expressed the smile even more. I shuddered and looked down smiling.
I twirled my hair on my fingers, a common nervous habit. “Where exactly are we going?” I asked finally breaking the uncomfortable silence at our table. He shrugged.
“I ugh….you’ll figure it out I don’t want to spoil it.”
I scrunched my eyebrows, and wrinkles grew on my forehead. His smile peeked again and he shook his head.
He lightly traced the wrinkles on my forehead. He seemed troubled for some reason.
I smiled halfheartedly but in a confused way. “You are troubled I presume?” He asked me sweetly.
“Well just confused. Not necessarily troubled.” I studied his face that was souly concentrated on my wrinkled forehead. He still traced each wrinkle so carefully. He traced them back and forth so gently.
His hot fingers almost stung my forehead. The warm touch tingled and stung repeatedly.
It reminded me of the first time I stared into his eyes. I recalled the stabbing feeling, that was so comfortable and so sweet feeling it stabbed my heart repeatedly. It put my heart on fire and made it melt like wax.
I slumped naturally into my chair and closed my eyes. I could feel by the change in temperature and the unsteadiness of his finger that he was smiling. I smiled back and his finger slowly and gently dropped from my forehead.
I opened my eyes. His gaze was focused intently on me. I rested my elbow on the table and held my head in my hand. My other hand had been sitting on the table he traced my fingers so carefully he barely touched them.
It was a swift so very light brush. He gently took my limp hand and turned it over. He studied it carefully for a moment. I watched him thoroughly as he gently stroked the lines on my hands.
He looked troubled, almost as he thought I did when he traced the wrinkles on my forehead.
I sat up straight and placed my hand on his forehead. He looked up, his face still in a wrinkled fashion. “Are you troubled?” I asked him. He huffed, as he thought. It was a long moment before he answered my curious question.
“Hmm.” He grunted. I waited for him patiently. “Well, not for what you think. I was really just thinking about something that had me questioned. I couldn’t leave it there unanswered so not what you think.
Not for a bad reason.” I wrinkled my forehead again. “What was the question exactly?” I pushed. He huffed and closed his eyes. He lightly scratched his forehead and opened his eyes again.
“Remind me later when we aren’t in public Kay?” He asked me. His tone was as if he had just woken up from daydreaming. It wasn’t as calm as before. The tone was definitely more scared and troubled than it had been before.
He looked at the clock and got up. He took both trays in one hand and motioned for me to stay sitting. He came back and pulled me up from the chair with one arm around my waist.
He walked swiftly, and my feet were dragging. I tripped numerous times in his arms but he held me tightly enough and kept me up straight. He walked behind a few trees and swung me up in his arms.
He ran back behind the school sure to stay out of sight. He ran at such a fast pace it was hard to imagine. But to me it wasn’t a run. It was more like numerous leaps. It was the run of a dog on two feet.
I closed my eyes the wind beating on my face. My shoulder length reddish brown hair flew in his face. I didn’t have it up today for some reason I had no idea. I could tell it had gotten darker through my eyelids.
His pace slowed as I realized it was lighter. I opened my eyes and looked up at him. His face was so soft and tender. It was focused on me, and not where he was going. I closed my eyes.
“Shouldn’t you be focused on what you are doing? I mean where you are going?” I stuttered but in a clear quiet voice. He smiled and reluctantly looked up.
He cleared his throat and his pace grew faster.
He jogged to an area near a cliff. Under it was a large creek stretching farther than my sight itself. He set me on my feet very close to where he stood. He faced the large stone cliff and looked out at the magnificent scenery.
He sat down at the edge, and kept his legs up near his chest and he held them with his arms.
He looked up at me, and looked at the ground beside him telling me to sit next to him. “Nature has always been a calming point for me.” He stated quietly as I sat next to him.
He laid his head on my shoulder, and I did the same.
He inhaled and exhaled so deeply. It was almost as if his lungs trembled as he breathed.
I looked at him out of the corner of my eye. His face didn’t even look human. It was beyond that. It was so sweet and perfect. It was so gentle looking, but so sure and certain.
It was as if he had the whole world under control and he was satisfied with it.
He seemed pleased and satisfied with something. I wondered for a little bit, but I had to find out for myself.
I gently pulled my head off of his. He lifted his head and looked at me. “Aar is something wrong?” I shook my head lightly. “No I just, I realized something that’s all.”
I said staring out into the distance. “Oh?” He seemed curious.
“Just you seem so satisfied so happy. I just… your face never looked that way before.
Never that happy.” Again the wrinkles returned on my forehead. He seemed amused by my conclusion. “Isn’t it obvious to you?” He asked me shaking his head. “Well, ugh no?” I answered quietly.
He turned me sideways, and then he turned to face me. “Aaralyn, sweetheart, I feel so happy because I have you. Now I just feel so incredible, complete, I just Aaralyn this is different.”
I looked down and reviewed the words he had said.
‘Aaralyn, sweetheart…’ was the most dominant pair of words in my mind. I closed my eyes, and pictured the moment and my favorite words again. I vowed to myself that those words would never leave my mind, and they would be my favorite pair of words, always.
He put his arms on my stomach and pulled me onto his lap. It looked as if it were so effortless to him. He lay back, and extended his legs. I was curled up, my head on his chest, my eyes closed.
He had his large muscular arms around me as if he were hugging me from behind. His large hands covered my tiny ones.
I huffed, but when I did, I felt a nervous shiver go through my body. I shook, and my breath did as well. It was like an ice cold surge rushed through my whole body. He gripped me tighter.
“What’s wrong?” He asked quietly. He breathed in my ear, and warmth filled my body making me feel comfortable again. “I just…do you really feel the way you said?” I asked him shivering.
He sat up, with his elbows supporting him half way. “Sweetheart in every way. Don’t think I would lie to you. I thought I had your full and complete trust him?” His voice was dark and deep, I violently shivered again.
“I ugh I mean you do. Absolutely, I was just confirming.” I winced.
He sat up fully and held my head against his burning chest. It felt so good in the damp cold weather. He gently rocked back and forth. “Aar,” He started. I looked up at him ready.
“Can I ask you something?” His voice was quiet and gentle. “Anything.” I muttered with my face deeply buried in his chest. “If something happened to you when we were together, would you forgive me?
It has such a strong chance of happening and I don’t w,” I put a finger to his lips. “Absolutely.” I gently and slowly removed my finger. He kissed my forehead, and lay back down.

He pushed me off his lap, and stood up. I still sat there. Not to my knowledge, he walked away a little bit. “Aar, sweetheart, come here.” He held out his hand. I scrambled to get up and run to him.
My run wasn’t as half as graceful as his, but it got me there, and I reached his hand, and felt an electric wave of heat rush into my body from his delicate looking hand. He wriggled his hand out of my grip, and pulled me to his hot chest. He buried his face in my thick hair.
“Don’t leave me.” I stuttered quietly my face deeply buried in his chest. My voice sounded so weak, as if I were going to cry. I felt tears flood in my eyes, and drip onto his chest.
I felt the cold wet tears dampen my face. I felt as if it was my home, where I belonged.
“Sweetheart,” He started. His voice sounded as helpless and weak as mine. A tone I had never heard before. “Sweetheart don’t cry.” He started again.
“I will never leave you Aar.
Sweetheart where else am I going to go? Where else could I be happy without you? Not be tormented and ripped to pieces everyday knowing I won’t see your beautiful face. My heart ripped out of my chest.”
His voice slowed. “Sweetheart, I won’t ever be able to live a day in this world or any other knowing you aren’t by my side. You aren’t going to help me go through life without losing my temper.
I would live without a smile for so long, I don’t want to live like I did before. My life without you was pure hell.
And how could I live through that again, knowing my life had been absolutely perfect and wonderful with you, and I left you, and worse, have to be without you any way possible.
Not to see your face, would be like being thrust into hell and fall into the burning fire, and not be able to climb out.
That’s what life would be like. And it would be millions of times worse than it was before because I met you, and I wouldn’t be able to stand life without you, Sweetheart.” His voice broke at the end.
I started to sob loudly and push harder into his chest. He didn’t move, but he held me tighter. “Sweetheart please don’t cry….please.” His voice was almost a whisper. I felt the heat of his breath again on my head.
I felt the thrust of heat run through my body like a bullet, but it was so comforting. It showed me he was there and I wasn’t hugging myself all alone. He was there for me. And he wasn’t leaving.
“Sweetheart I’m here.” He finally said. “My helpless little sweetheart, I’m here please doing cry. Sweetheart please don’t cry……….please.” He whispered. I slowed down my sobbing and looked up at him. I still had uncontrollable tears streaming down my face. He took his large finger, and gently wiped the tears from my face.
He put his finger to his face, feeling the water from my eyes. “Hmm.” He grunted quietly. He put his cheek to mine. I felt the warmth again, the tears instantly dried as they came.
“Sweetheart I’m here.” He breathed quietly.

We walked for a little bit to the trees, and he swung me on his back. “Ready Princess?” His tone was so sweet it was like an angel talking. He was my angel, though he thought the opposite.
I was still not completely recovered from my outburst. I managed to say; “Uuhhuu…” my tone was stuttered but understandable.
He laughed a little, and took off into his leaping romp. I closed my eyes, and relaxed my head on his shoulder. Sooner than later I felt him slow.
He was so perfect not even close to coming comparable to a human like me. So un-comparable. I loved Drew Giver so much it was hard to think of how I don’t. Nothing was wrong with him that I could even find.
And the best part, I knew he loved me back.

He set me down in the empty school parking lot. He brushed my straggly hair out of my face. “Sweetheart, I’m here. I’m here. I’m here.” His voice got lower each time until it was a whisper. “I know. I know.” My voice shivered. He put his finger under my lowered chin.
He brought my face up, and starred into my eyes with such compassion. I felt it pierce my heart, and place a lit match on the crease at the top. My heart was burning and on fire. It must be sweet to feel the fire burn. I thought to myself. “Trust me.” He whispered.
His hot breathe flew into my face. I closed my eyes dazed. I opened them a minute later. My heart pounded, and he felt it. He put his hand on my chest and smiled.
“Sweetheart its okay.” He laughed. I nodded smiling.
He felt my chest again, and his face wrinkled in thought. “What’s wrong?” I asked him.
“You have a fire heart.” He muttered. I cocked my head in confusion. “Your heart is hot, and that occurs only in the deep heat of the moment, or it is proven to occur if you’re deeply in love.
You have a fire heart.” He mumbled. I laughed and buried my head into his chest again.
“I love you.” I muttered quietly. “I love you too Sweetheart. I love you too.” He stroked my head, and walked me over to the passenger side of the shiny black car.
He had the door open, and I stared into the car blankly.
“Well get in all ready, we don’t have all the time in the world.” He must. “Well I do.”
He muttered under his breath. I glared at him and got in.
He rolled his eyes and walked to the driver’s side. “Wait what about my car?” I asked him breathlessly.

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