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Fire Heart 7 part 2

April 21, 2010
By natygrace1217 PLATINUM, Jefferson, Maryland
natygrace1217 PLATINUM, Jefferson, Maryland
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“Melina can take it. I’ll tell her don’t worry. Wait I will take you home, drive my car home, get your car, and drive it home. Simple.”
His eyes focused on the road.
I rolled my eyes. “Uhuh.” I leaned back in the seat and closed my eyes. I let my hand out, and he took it. I felt my fire heart pump quickly. It felt as if it were going to burst through my chest, and bulge out.
That or it would be filled so much it would explode. “Sweetheart I really need you to know I am not leaving, and I never will. Before I had you, my heart was just a cold drying waste land.
It was rotting away to nothing. It seemed as if it was a slow painful death that never ended.
Now it is a hot crowded desert. But it is filled really with only one person. Sweetheart you just completely fill up my heart. But I don’t want to share it with anybody but you. I’ve given you my heart, and I want you to keep it safe.
My body can’t hold all of the love I have for you. I want you to hold it for me. Until my body gains more room.” His face was glowing with happiness, and a smile I had never seen before appeared on his face.
I never knew his mouth could stretch that far. “Sweetheart I’m here for you as long as you need me. And when you are ready to move on I won’t stop you. Because I know eventually you’ll want to move on to bigger and better things, but I will always love you no matter what.” His voice was low.
I was shocked. “What do you mean move on?” He shrugged. “Doesn’t everybody eventually? I know you will in time. Understand it won’t always be safe for you when you’re with me.”
He still focused on the road.
“Who the hell cares if it isn’t safe? I’m here with you forever! No matter what I am here.” He shuddered.
“I care if it is safe for you! What the hell do you think I'm going to do if you slip out of my grip, and neither of us can help it and you get killed? I am not going to live with that!”
His voice lowered. I sat there and didn’t talk. “You will get over me in time. You have all the time in the world to get over me. I don’t.” I muttered. “Sweetheart memories stick and you will be the only memory in my mind forever.”
He pulled into the driveway.
“Here I will make you a promise I’ll be sure to keep. I will stay with you as long as it is safe. But when it gets too dangerous, I need to put you where you are safe. Understand please that I care that much about you being safe.
Sweetheart I am not going to risk your life like that.” His voice was calm and unemotional.
I scrunched my face in disgust. “I don’t care! I am staying with you no matter what!” He shut off the quiet engine, and turned toward me. “I’m not going to let you take the risk.” He was so very close to me.
“Well whether you let me or not I’m going to take the risk.” He shook his head in disapproval. “What the hell do you think I am going to do without you? And no one in this damn world can compare to you!”
I huffed and turned away. He rolled his eyes at me and got out. He waited for me at the door of the shiny black BMW and helped me out.
“Here’s the plan.” He muttered quietly into my ear. “You go into your room, and wait for me. I will get your car, and bring it home, and I will meet you in your bedroom. Can you stick to the plan?” He asked me.
I rolled my eyes and nodded. “Good.” His voice got soft and sweet again. I missed the tender and gentle tone. I stood there for a moment looking at his face, he did the same. He carefully held my face in his hands.
“I’m coming back. I promise.” His sweet and gentle tone made my fire heart pump.
“I trust you.” I whimpered. He kissed my forehead so gently. It was quite a few seconds before he stopped.
That was definitely to my pleasure. I wanted that very moment to last for all eternity.
But eventually he was looking into my eyes again. “I love you.” He mouthed. I thrust my head into his chest, and threw my arms around his neck. “Sweet heart I’m coming back.”

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