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Headbands and Hair ties

May 29, 2010
By WritingIsAPoison SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
WritingIsAPoison SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Straight back in a ponytail. Stray hairs kept nicely in place by the elastic band. My hair screams to become released at this very moment. But, it's all forgotten when he walks my way. The boy I live to see everyday. The person who is my ray of sun on a cloudy day. He smiles warmly at me, our natural greeting every morining.
No words are spoken between us on our way to class. Theres no need to. We let our actions speak for us.
We depart our ways and with a simple lingering kiss, I stumble my way into science. Anticipanting the last bell of the school year, I find myself anxious to reach him. To hug him, to wrap my arms around him, to hear his pleasant silence. My wishes are answered, for as soon as the bell rings; I'm the first one out the door and I run right into his awaiting arms. Again no words are needed.
He stares at me head and gently reaches for my headband and relieves my temples from the stress. Next he takes my hair tie out and my hair falls lightly onto my back. He smiles and runs a hand over my hair.
"Beautiful" he whispers.
I sighed and smiled. I'm sure my hair was doing to the same

The author's comments:
This reminded me of a very close friend. Who always kept her hair tied back and with a ponytail. Her relationship was happy with the silence they between them.

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