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There She Is (Part 2 of 2)

October 24, 2010
By koolaid-dragonwarrior GOLD, Los Angeles, California
koolaid-dragonwarrior GOLD, Los Angeles, California
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Please read "There She Is (Part 1 of 2)" before continuing on with Part 2. Thank you. :)

I couldn’t believe my eyes. My eyes said “Her house is on fire.” My brain said, “Shut up, this can’t be happening.” I was frozen in shock and I didn’t know what to do. After a moment of deliberation, I made my decision. I removed my jacket, locked my mom’s truck, sprinted across Kalynn’s well kept lawn, and threw my shoulder, with all my weight behind it, against the fancy laminated-oak front door.
Thank God her parents were shopping in the city. I had only Kalynn to worry about. I took the stairs three at a time and ran down the hallway into her room. She was nowhere to be found. I checked in the upstairs bathroom and found her motionless on the floor. She was breathing, but she was unconscious and a patch of her beautiful blonde hair was soaked in dark red blood.
I took her in my arms and ran as fast as I could down the stairs. Large chunks of wood were falling from the ceiling and I felt the fire heating my face and burning the hair off my arms and legs. Something heavy landed on my shoulder at the bottom of the stairs, and I tripped. I dropped Kalynn, and I saw her roll across the floor out of the corner of my eye as I fell. Pain shot through my right leg. I looked down and saw a gash on my knee, down to the bone. As I struggled to my feet, another, more serious pain brought me back to the ground. My ankle was broken.
I crawled over to Kalynn to see if she if she was okay when firefighters broke in through the windows and doors. I heard the reassuring sound of footsteps and the loud shouts of full grown men, men who knew what they were doing in a burning house. I felt a strong grip on my arm, and I was lifted up and assisted out of the house followed by two other firefighters who had Kalynn on a stretcher. We were both laid down on the wet grass. A firefighter took care of my mangled ankle and treated Kalynn’s head. When we were finally alone and safe, I leaned over to check on her. She was still unconscious. She was lucky to be unconscious through all of that.
I sighed and moved to lay back down when her eyes fluttered. Overjoyed, I yelled, “KALYNN, KALYNN! SHE’S OKAY!!” She gave me a tired look, and rubbed her bandaged head. “What happened?” was the first thing she asked me. Before I began explaining, she turned to look at her house and cussed under her breath. “I’m sorry,” I said to her. “Oh, no,” she said, “You saved my life.” She laughed. “I never liked this house, anyway.” Here I was, tired, bleeding, and gasping for air, and she was cracking jokes while her house was burning to the ground. I couldn’t help laughing with her. After a few minutes, I asked her if she remembered what happened.
“Well, I was curling my hair,” she said, thinking back, “and I think I fell and hit my head on the toilet seat.” “Then how did the house catch on fire?” I asked. She smiled at me again and said, “I was blacked out on the floor, Kevin. It’s not like I had time to turn off my curling iron on my way down.” We both burst out laughing, and looked up at the clouds in the sky, which were colored pink and orange by the setting sun. She reached for my hand, held it in hers, and said, “This is the best date I’ve ever been on.”

The author's comments:
My first fiction. Please comment. Oh, and read Part 1 before reading Part 2, for obvious reasons. :)

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