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P1 escape plan

November 1, 2010
By beeD3 BRONZE, Sarver, Pennsylvania
beeD3 BRONZE, Sarver, Pennsylvania
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I kept replaying my Guidence councelor's words in my head... Future College Future College Rising star Gifted Intelligent Beautiful young woman. Round and round it was like my mind was playing wiffleball with those words and each time i closed my eyes i was liable to tune in to the game and out of reality.
how is it that she knew so much about me?
She sounded so sure- so
the word escaped me. who am i? where am i going?
i was infuriated. The damn councellor knew but i didnt!?
Her predictions broke my heart, confuse my mind. Future? the truth was i didnt have one. i walked abscent mindedly down the hall choosing to keep my own company instead of the company of the rest of my crew.
like a child i clung to my backpack my objective: escape. my only hope my only reprieve from the disturbing meeting.I noticed i was picking up speed. Fast walking jogging running sprinting to the doors that would grant me the freedom that i was searching for.
isnt it funny how when youre trying to escape your problems new ones sprout like mushrooms in a neglected yard?
His name was Anthony and to this day,i wake up next to him and see those dark flushed eyelashes strong cheek bones and think to myself thank god.

The author's comments:
sorry there are probably hundreds of errors in this...
it happens :)
just trying my hand at something different.. should i continue?

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