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Im hurt, and heart broken

February 17, 2011
By StayClassy1 SILVER, Stockton, California
StayClassy1 SILVER, Stockton, California
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I knew it was a bad were 6 years older than me, you were thinking about other things. I was still young, inocent. But that quickly changed. I hadnt even had my fist kiss before i met you. I used to dream about us being happy together, starting a family. I would spend all of my freetime with you: talking, laughing, smiling, kissing. The way you held me in your arms made my heart start to pound wildly. Your soft miost lips moving with mine; our bodies twisting and turning gracefully. I said i loved you, you said you loved me. I wanted to get closer to you, to make our bond tighter. I let you do many things, things that i had never done before. But after that night we werent the same. A week after i let you get 'close' to me you broke my heart. You said you couldnt b with me anymore, that you were to old for me. You were right, but why hadnt you said anything before? Is that how all guys are? I loved you...i wonder if you really loved me.

The author's comments:
I usually dont complain when i get dumped from a guy, but this break up hurt me the worst.

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