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Love rules all

December 24, 2008
By Anonymous

In a dream not long ago there was a king named Victor and his queen named Natasha before they had become royalty they were warriors, they concurred there now kingdom by war together they slaughtered hundreds of soldiers and killed the king buy there law who ever had the crown ruled, they ruled with an iron fist, no one dared opposed them they were not just royalty or warriors, it was said that there love was so strong that it would influence everyone around them, turning there peoples hate toward them into love toward each other.
The people said they were a walking contradiction, the way they would love and then destroy peoples loves and lives, one night Queen Natasha with her golden brown wavy hair bouncing on her shoulders was walking with a mission to the great hall, people were bowing but she hardly noticed her ocean breeze blue eyes were stone cold almost if she was thinking so hard she wasn’t even in her body, King Victor was in a meeting with some of his nights when all of a sudden the great doors slammed open a large breeze blew onto every one.
“EVERY ONE OUT…NOW” Queen Natasha yelled, she wore a all brown leather coat, a vest that with a full back and it tied across chest, she also wore long pants and boots, hung on her belt was a silver sword with engraving along the blade that said “Dream to the stars and all shall be your” the Handle guard had a lioness sitting beside a unicorn, the handle was wrapped in brown leather.
The knights scattered like the wind every knew that the king had a short temper and not to upset him, but that was nothing compared to Natasha’s.
“What is wrong Natasha…you seem upset” Victor had short dark brown hair and eyes as green as grass, he wore a black leather vest and black leather boots and pants, he wore his silver bladed sword, the handle guard was a lion with an eagle on it head, also with black leather wrapped around the handle on his belt.
“You could say that…I have just come from a mid wife.”
“A mid wife…why would you need to see one of those.” You could see the wheels in his head turning, truing to figure out why she had said that.
“I’ll give you one guess…darling what do midwives do?”
“Well they deliver babes…” He’d final realized.
“Babies they deliver babies…were going to have a baby.” She did not smile because she did not know how he would react.
“Baby…a baby…really?…How?” He was shocked.
“Wow you’re a warrior and you don’t know how” she gave him a smile for that it was almost as good as a joke.
“No…I just mean wow a baby you and I are going to have a baby, it’s wonderful.” His face filled with light.
“Really your not mad” Natasha finally smiled.
“Natasha I love you more than anything, and this baby boy or girl will be just as loved.”
They hugged and kissed, while they were embraced down stairs Jonathan the head of the guards and best friend to the king was talking to the some of they other knights discussing the queens outburst.
“She is an amazing women but she is very temperamental…I wonder what is wrong with her?” Jonathan asked the other knights.
“Didn’t you hear…my wife is the royal midwife she said the queen is pregnant.” Said a small wisely little man with grease dark hair, it was an amazement that he was even a knight at all.
“That is wonderful the king will be so happy when she tells him.” Jonathan understood and loved Natasha and victor.
Before the knight could reply a rebuttal statement, a young boy came stumbling into the castle yard covered in blood and bandages.
“What has happened to you?” Jonathan asked
“There is an army coming from the west they are merciless and there here to kill the king and queen, the army is sweeping from village to village killing the people of this kingdom they don’t wish to surprise the king and queen, so they spared my life, barley to tell the king and queen that warriors were not meant to rule, they were meant to kill just as there soldiers do, the people they have hurt are going to kill them and there love as they have do.” The young boy died instantly, he survived just to warn them.
Natasha and Victor where laying in bed talking about names for the baby.
“If it’s a girl we should name her Serena.” Natasha was so excited.
“What if it’s a boy?” Victor was rubbing Natasha’s stomach.
“ Demetrius…or…go with something like Aries…the Greek god of war” she giggled with the thought of it.
There was a load knock on the door.
“Come in.” Victor said as he covered his wife up.
“Your majesties there is a very big problem…an army coming from the west…they are slaughtering the people we need to act swiftly.” Jonathan said still kneeling.
“We will be right down…tell the solders and knights to get ready for battle” Victor said as he started to stand.
Natasha and victor grabbed there clothes and swords, they put on there clothes as they were walking, the got down to the courtyard and people were panicking running around like chickens with there heads cut off…so to speak, they queen usually restored anarchy in the kingdom by simply speaking.
“ENOUGH…ALL OF YOU NEED TO STOP!” Natasha yelled so load that she could have woke the dead.
“Darling one day you will lose you voice doing that.” Victor said as he was rubbing his ears.
“Yeah possibly…some people do not know how to handle war…I can…I am prepared.” She said with a certain gleam in her eye as if she had been waiting for a big battle, Natasha had a good heart but her past had made her love battle.
“Your majesty what should I tell them to do?” Asked Jonathan.
“Yes move the people of the near by villages…tell them to go into the forest huts and hid, then arm the troops set up the perimeter…put archers on the wall, ask the village men to volunteer…no one comes unless they volunteer…no one…then we need to post guards in the tower to signal when they see the army.” Victor told Jonathan.
“We also need to post two guards on the escape rout to the forest that was the people are more protected.” She said as she grabbed a bow and bag of arrows from the table.
“My dear you will be with the people…I don’t want to risk you being in the battle field.” He said as he took the bow and arrows from her.
“Well that’s just too bad because wither you like it or not I’m going, you cant stop me from being myself you knew I was a warrior when you married me so tough, plus we are in this together.” Natasha grabbed another set of bow and arrows, then the went to command the wall.
“I love her, but she can be just a stubborn as…”
Jonathan cut him off.
“you…she is just as stubborn as you victor.” Jonathan said with a smile.
The village had emptied and the people safe, for now finally you could here there horns and drums in the distance from the tower the signal…a battle was on it’s way and they did not even know with who.
“To your stations……get me my horse.” Victor said as he signaled for the gates to open.
“Mine as well………I told you we are in this together.”Natasha stated as she almost flew onto the saddle of her horse.
“Hand me the white flag” Jonathan was on his horse ready for anything.
Just the three of them road out to discuss this with the head of the enemies army. The drums and horns stopped all the solders stood still, then they started to part for a group on horse back, three men and two women.
“Hello my name is queen Natasha…can we help you” she was trying hard not to be herself, she took her husbands advice a few days before and tried being cheerful, but is was unlike her.
“You are no queen you are a bar maid in a men’s pants how dare you try to be nice to me?” sneered a red haired women in a blue Greek style dress riding side stale.
“Listen you women that cant think, speak, or breath without out a mans approve, it must make it easy wearing that dress to straddle everything but a horse.” Natasha snapped back.
“Well you would be one to know about that I remember the first guy you ever dated, you have most likely straddled everyone since then” The women said it was like she had razor blades as a tongue.
“What……who are you?” She asked with a confused look upon her face.
“Well I’m your sister.”
“Angelica…………you-are-alive…I……thought you died in the cottage when the village was attacked” Natasha was completely stunned.
“Well on that day a lot of us died including mother, and you…you’ve become the same person that attacked our village.” Angelica said with pain and hate in her eyes.
“How dare you I have nothing but good here the people of this kingdom are free…yes we rule with an iron fist but we help the people.” Natasha was shocked and hurt at the same time.
“Yes well you also murder anyone who apposes you, murdered my son he was 10 years old at the time, he would be 13 now, you came into an unsuspecting village and slaughtered everyone in it my daughter and I were by the river.”
“Angelica my army and I have not left this land in 5 years, and plus you are one to talk you just slaughtered a village, sent and killed a boy.”
“Sister you underestimate me the boy died by his own hand and told you what I wanted him to tell you.” Angelica had a evil smile on her face.
“But why…I told you we have not been to battle in 5 years” Natasha’s eyes started to water.
“Your majesty that is not factual” Jonathan said.
“What…what do you mean but that is not factual?” She ask with hostility in her voice.
“Well we did go to a village on the other side of the kingdom border about 3 years ago the soldiers went crazy and said the villagers attacked first” Jonathan said with sorrow in his eyes.
“Lets just let the battle begin that way we can get it over with and you can get your jollies off” Angelica said and road off.
“Well that settles that” Victor said as him and Jonathan road off.
The battle raged for hours and hours they stopped for the night, and picked it up in the morning until Natasha meet Angelica on the battle field, Victor was fighting one of the men that they meet in the meeting, as was Jonathan. Then it happened Angelica stabbed Natasha in the stomach, Natasha had tried to reason with Angelica but her sister had felt to much pain, Natasha fell to the ground, Angelica took her sword and drove it into her chest. Victor had kill three men by this time when he saw her lying on the ground.
“NO…Natasha!” He ran to her killing anyone who got in his way.
“Victor…we don’t deserve to have a baby we have killed to many sons and daughters…don’t burn me and don’t through me into a hole me let me rest here like we have done to so many people, don’t be mad and don’t seek revenge.” Natasha died in his arms.
The soldiers went home to where ever they came from realizing this battle was just because of two sisters and the soldiers did not need to die for it.

Flashing back three years ago to when that village was attacked.
The king had lead the attack for the reason of a simple sapphire ring that had been stolen from the queen the day before.
The king ordered that everyone be searched for the ring, and that the person that it was found on shall be brought in front of him.

When the soldiers found the ring they bought a man forward, Victor asked him why he stole the queens wedding ring, the man replied with the fact that his family was so poor and did not have money for food, heat, or clothes.

Victor took just a minute before he threw down a bag of coins to the man, and said all he would have to do was ask, the king signaled Jonathan to give money to the rest of that village. But a greasy like haired knight objected to the idea of giving money to the villagers for the simple reason that they did not deserver it because they were not in Victors kingdom, Victor snapped back with it doesn’t matter everyone deserves to have something wither it money, food, heat, or even a sword.
Some people were meant to lead, and there were some who were meant to raised families and work, there is a balance to everything, the people who worked and farmed were just as important as the nobles.
The greasy hair man road off, after the solders were done give the money out and victor had collected the ring they left. Later that night the greasy haired knight returned with some of his men and torched and killed. When the returned to the castle Jonathan was waiting in the court yard.
The greasy haired man told Jonathan that they were attacked by the villagers that they helped that day, and the had to kill.
Jonathan did not tell the king because he knew that the king would rage war with the neighboring kingdom.
At the present time it had become night Victor-the king was a crying in his bedroom holding on to his wife’s only dress.
Down on the battle field solders were starting to load bodies onto wagons, but there were villagers searching for there loved ones, a little girl was searching for her father when she herd a odd sound, the little girl walk toward the sound, it sounded almost like breathing through water, the poor little girl saw Natasha had survived enough to breath.
“Momma…Momma…momma” the little girl cried being her mother the Natasha.
The little girl grabbed Natasha’s had and held on, she would not let go, a few villagers help carry Natasha to the village, there they layered her on a table and called the medicine man.
These villagers also believed there was a difference between defending your self and murder, they never killed they only fought off.

The medicine man sewed up Natasha’s wound saying that she was the luckiest women ever, the sword mist every major organ.

Because Natasha was not that far along, the baby miscarried from the loss of blood and trauma to her body.
It took her a few weeks to recover, Victor had brought the people back from the forest the bodies of the departed solders were burned, and Natasha had took he first steps outside.
She walked through the village, they thought her how to use a staff to render a person unconscious for hours. She had decided it was time to return to the palace a rule with out killing, one of the village women pulled Natasha into he hut and told her that Natasha had become a lady a needed to dress like one, the women pulled of a red regal dress and a pair of gold colored strappy sandals, Natasha was honored she put on the dress and sandals, the little girl handed Natasha a cloth bag for he clothes and sword.

Natasha carried a staff from now on that way no one else got hurt.
Jonathan had been taking care of almost everything, because victor had been devastated by Natasha’s death.

Jonathan could not take the pain of the knowledge of what had happen to the small village, he finally had the courage he needed. Jonathan told the king, you could see in his face that he was full of rage, imagine a volcano exploding.

While the king was busy yelling at Jonathan which you could almost hear at the castle gate, which is where Natasha was at that very moment, she covered her face with the hood of her cloak so she could return unnoticed.
The greasy dark haired knight, noticed Natasha and then he saw her face, panicked and afraid of punishment for his crimes he called an attack on her, through her new knowledge she successfully knocked all the nights out as she got the castle steps that lead to the great hall.

Still fighting with guards and knights a she walks up the steps, Jonathan and Victor came out to see the battle, because she was not killing anyone they just stood back and watched the greasy haired knight and his men get beat up, neither Jonathan or victor could see her face.
Natasha stop nobody but Jonathan and Victor were left standing, but she told her self old habits die hard, as she looked on a maze that was lying on the ground.
“Pick it up” Victor said as he took of his coat.
“NO...” she replied, trying to disguise her voice.
“oh why not that’s why you’re here isn’t It…to kill the already heart broken king.” He said as he walked down the steps.
“No more like make you come to your senses about murdering, as you may have noticed I have killed none of these men, only knocked them out.”
“oh…well…I think not…I rather like killing”
“Is that what you were doing when, the queen died you were murdering people.”
“That is it you have signed your own death warrant.”
“Oh really that is if you can make it that far.”
They began to fight, sword to staff, she hit his head, he cut her hand, she knocked him onto the ground he twirled her around about to slit her throat with his sword when he asked.
“Why did you come here…to die…to kill me…to make history…to save me?”
“To LOVE you.” She reached behind her and touched his cheek.
Again he twirled her around, she removed her hood, with blood on her hand she hugged him, he fell on his knees stunned he was still embraced in her arms.
From then on they ruled as they loved instead of a iron fist they ruled with there hearts, the greasy haired knight and his loyal men were banished and were never seen gain, the queen and king had three children two girls and one boy, and Jonathan was godfather and protector to them all.

The author's comments:
Like most of my storys it was based of one of my dreams, i originaly wrote because i was late with a writing project, then my english teacher told me i should publish so here i am...i've been writing storys since i was in the first grade, just hope this story inspires people to tell the whole truth and to love with your heart along with your head.

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