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Welcome (part 6)

March 16, 2011
By KatreenaMarie PLATINUM, Fresno, California
KatreenaMarie PLATINUM, Fresno, California
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"We will fight, or we will fall, until the angels save us all"
Hollywood Undead

The bell rings. Perfect. I pick my bag off the floor, and shake all thoughts of Andrew out of my head. I begin my shuffle to first period. Biology. Great.

As I walk through the door, I see my friends, Dica and Rayne. Dica is a petite Mexican girl. She has braces, but her smile is still amazing. She's the typ of pretty girl that you want to hate, until you realize that she's just as much of a misfit as the rest of us. Rayne is the Rock-Jock. She's about my height, but unlike my pale self, she has an AH-mazing tan. Rayne is on varsity swim and water polo, which explains the tan.

As we wait for the final bell to ring and class to officially begin, we discuss our fourth groupmember's excuse of the day for her tardiness.

"I think Anne just..."

And as if on a cue, Anne comes in the door. Anne is also on swim with Rayne, and so she also has the perfect tan. Anne is a black girl who inherited all the best traits. I have such pretty friends. Sometimes I think they only keep me around to make themselves feel good.

Our teacher calls the class to attention, and begins lecturing. Everyone soon pulls out I-Pods and cell phones and no longer can even be reached with just voices. I laugh to myself, "I'm sory, teacher dear, but your students have been lost in the dark forest of Cyberia, only finding their way by the LCD screens of their technology. Good luck finding them, for I fear they are soon lost forever." I chuckle a little as my thoughts grow more poetic in nature, "And good riddance," I add for good measure.

Fifty-four minutes of my life wasted. As I walk outside, blinking in blinding rain. What the hell? Our weather is so bipolar. I shuffle to my next class, hoping I can sit in mind-numbing bliss, listening to the new Breathe Carolina album I got a few days ago.

As I walk through the door, it seems as though my prayers are to be answered, since we have a sub who is known to be oblivious to naything and everything. He's already asleep, so I grab the attendance sheet and quickly take roll. Running out the door, and back into the rain, i pause only a moment to grab the hall pass before setting off towards the Administration Buildings.

I'm about to pull open the door some jerk slams it open into my face,"Ow, you p****. That's me face!" I shriek, as they say, "OhMiGod!! I'm so sorry! Are you ok?"

I look up at the extended hand, one that has already been extended to me once today. I ignore it and help myself off the ground, "I'm fine."

I push past Andrew and drop the roll sheet off into the basket. I nod to the Vice Principal, and Make my way back out the door. Andrew is waiting. No, not waiting. He's arguing with someone. Daniel.


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