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The Journey

April 25, 2011
By midnightelement SILVER, Queens Village, New York
midnightelement SILVER, Queens Village, New York
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"This is who I've been hiding and she's dying to be set free"

Chap. 1

I’ve often wondered if she looked like me with big brown eyes, curly black hair, a light dash of freckles, a button nose, and a round face to top it off. I wonder what she would have been like, if she was kind or mean. I thought I would never know those answers, well that was before this letter. I looked at it and a sudden fear came over me, maybe I didn’t want t know who she really was.

I turned around to see my “neighbor” if you can call him that.
“What happened? Bill collectors came knocking?” he asked looking at my mail.
“Oh no” I said smiling. “I got a unexpected letter from someone”.
“Some dude from high school?”
“No they don’t write letters, they send text messages” I told him, at that he let out a round of laughter and I couldn’t help but join.
“That’s funny” he said “Good one”.
“Thanks, I try”.
“Ok so am I gonna see you on the track later?”
“Uh maybe” I told him, this letter I was holding could change my life forever so I had some thinking to do.
“Alright then, later” he said walking away.

I got back to my studio and tried to make sense of things. I sat down on the couch, I really didn’t know what to do with myself. As I sat there I started looking back on life without my mother. I had to be honest my life wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t the greatest either. I always felt like the odd ball, I look nothing like my adopted parents. They both have pale white skin, bluish green eyes, and light blond hair. When I look at our family photos my sun kissed skin stands our compared to theirs, my unruly hair and eyes where the most obvious. But because of their love I felt perfectly fine, and I still do I just have no idea why my mother would want to contact me now. I picked up the letter and decided to open it the same time my doorbell rang.

“dang it” I mumbled under my breath. I opened my door and saw my neighbor, I was shocked it also came to me that I didn’t even know his name.

“hi again” he said.
“hey” I whispered, “what’s up?”
“uh I don’t mean to be a pest but you dropped this” he said handing me a letter.
“oh thanks” he nodded and started to turn away. “wait” I said a little too loudly.
“what’s your name?” I asked “I always run into you and you always invite me somewhere but I don’t know your name”.
“my name is Spencer” he said.
“Spencer, I’m Shay nice to meet you officially”
“like wise” he said smiling.

SPENCER- I tied my laces and grabbed a jacket, even though it was spring it was still chilly outside. I’m so happy got this apartment in a 3 story walk up, it gives me exercise even when I don’t want it. As I got to the bottom of the stairs I saw her standing by the mail box, I took a deep breath and walked towards her.

“hey” she turned and looked at me with those wild brown eyes.
“hi” she said.
“what happened? Bill collectors came knocking?” I asked. Bill collectors? I would have kicked myself if she wasn’t standing there. The conversation was a blur to me I heard her say some thing about texting and next thing I know I’m demanding her to come to the track. Oh man I must be losing it what if she says no?
“um maybe” she said.
“alright then, later” I said and walked away. I stepped out and realized that the weather was awesome, which meant I didn’t need my jacket. I swore under my breath and went back inside. She was gone but there was a envelope on the floor it must have been hers. I picked it up and it was addressed to Shay DeSanto apt 3b, I hit that she live right above me wow. Smiling I took off up the stairs to head to her apartment.

Standing in front of her door was the most nerve racking thing ever. I paced, took deep breaths, and tried to sound cool but wasn’t working. Finally I decided to count to ten and ring the door bell.
“1,2,10” I counted. The door opened and there she was.
“hi, again” I said.
“hey” she said softly. “what’s up?”
I told that I didn’t want to be a pest but she had dropped her letter. While I was speaking a look of alarm flashed across her face. She took it and said thanks, as I started to walk away she yelled
I turned and looked at her.
“what’s your name?” she asked, “I always run into you and you always invite me somewhere but I don’t know your name”.
“my name is Spencer” I told her.
“Spencer, I’m Shay nice to meet you officially” she said. I wanted to say that I already knew her name but I don’t want her to think I was stalking her or anything.
“like wise” I told her, and walked away.

The author's comments:
it was on my mind for a while..

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