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Bright Lights

July 15, 2011
By haha4579 GOLD, Westfield, Wisconsin
haha4579 GOLD, Westfield, Wisconsin
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There I was, sitting in the living room of my Downtown Milwaukee apartment, alone, and somewhere deep down inside, i was sad. I was sad that he didn’t care, and he liked my best friend. I was also sad he had moved away. He moved to Minnesota. couldn't’t get over the fact that I’ll probably never see his handsome smile nor his dashing eyes, ever again. Oh why was I thinking about him. He seemed to forget me a long time ago, though it seems I could never stop thinking about him.

Every time I looked out my window, i saw couples, and brides with their bridesmaids, walking down the street toward lavish hotels to marry the men of their dreams. And they made me feel even more lonely. I just wanted someone here in my life. Someone to be close with. Someone to make me get butterflies in my stomach every time I saw him. Someone to be out my window, throwing rocks to get me to come down on a ladder, even if I’m on the 12th story, with no balcony to escape on. I was just alone.

When living in a big city, you expect to find someone who’s perfect for yourself. There are so many people and I fell in love in a small town, and I was siting in my apartment wondering if I would ever fall in love again, the same way I fell for him.

I remembered the night I told him I was leaving for Milwaukee. It was two weeks after he told me he was going to Minnesota. My mom always wanted to move, but it seemed he was holding me down. I remember when our mom’s exchanged new addresses. They had to make sure they got each other’s Christmas cards. I looked at the piece of paper on the living room desk. His address written in nice, purple handwriting. I wanted to rip it up and throw it out the window. I grabbed it, positioned my hands for the rip, when I turned to the window, to maybe clam myself down, or just to look at the view.

I loved looking at the fountain, but something else caught my eye. A blue little car, parked on the side on the road. That looked like his car. I laughed and closed my eyes. If only he was here. Here to make my world better. But he loved a girl, back in our hometown. My old best friend. She didn’t like him, but oh did he like her.

I opened the window, about to throw the piece of paper out the window, when I saw a boy sitting on the side on the fountain, looking around like he was waiting for someone. A girl probably. He looked handsome and as though i had known him. When I opened the window halfway, enough space to throw the paper out it, the boy stood up and looked at me. His handsome smile and dashing eyes took me back to my old home. I felt as though I had fallen in love, but I knew his heart was probably with some other girl.

I stayed there, with my eyes locked with his. I knew that this was probably a dream. He wouldn’t drive from Minnesota just to see me. But there was living proof he was there. I ran away from the window and toward the door. It also happened to be, I was in the most perfect dress to wear for this occasion. A small blue strapless dress that was a little bit above my knees, and a pair of small heels. What a perfect time for my mom’s work party!

I ran through my lobby and across the street to where he was waiting, arms ready for me. As soon as I got closer to him, I slowed down to a walk. I just remember he liked my best friend and he lived so far away. When I got to him, I looked at him, angry that I he confused me. Why was he here? Why was he wasting my time being here.

“Why are you here?”

“I know. You’re probably made that I told you that I liked your best friend, and that I moved away, but I noticed that I felt empty and alone when you told me you were moving too. I was going to come back! I was going to visit you, and... I just don’t want to let you go. I’m sorry I’m still....”

Right then and there, he grabbed me a kissed me, just like what would happen in a movie.

“I’m still in love with you.”

I looked at him, dazed from that kiss, and high from his words. I thought I wouldn’t be able to say anything back. So I kissed him again. I started to regain speech.

“You want to come to this work party thing?”

“I can’t. I have to leave to drive home. But I can stay for maybe an hour.”

“Good. Come with me.” We crossed the street to my apartment building. I didn’t know if what we had right then was real, or forever lasting, but I didn’t want to think about that. I wanted to be his city romance. Even if it was just for an hour.

The author's comments:
This is only the first part of a book I plan on writing. This is the end. Enjoy!

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