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Did you ever?

August 7, 2011
By AbbieLou GOLD, Warrington, Other
AbbieLou GOLD, Warrington, Other
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Were we kidding ourselves? Did we, in our naive, childish minds, ever truly think we’d last forever. Drunk on the prospect of a teenage dream, so struck by love that our senses left us? We were best friends, and now were nothing more than strangers. Not only physical change has occurred between us, but the distance is too far away for my hands to stretch. Our first kiss at the party, the way our lips locked slowly, was that meaningless to you? Could you not see the glint of tears hanging in my eyes as i was overwhelmed with happiness? The way our hands interlocked, the soft touch of your skin against mine, the tingle in my body when we hugged. Was it only me who felt these things? Were your senses numb of any real feeling towards me from the start?. The way you looked at me, passion burning in those blue eyes of yours, was that real? Or was it the hope of being happily ever after in love that had you caught in this web of tears?. I understand now, we were never meant to be together. I let you go, and you did not return to me, even when my arms were open to it all along. Did you know too? Is that why you watched me leave? I know we’re but another chapter in the journey that will forth come. There will be more tears after you ,more sadness. And time, a slow, relentless barricade will pass by me and i will be able to live without you. But its now, as i attempt to let go of everything we ever shared, every moment, every kiss, that i wonder. Did you ever love me?

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