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The Window

August 7, 2011
By Odessa_Sterling00 DIAMOND, No, Missouri
Odessa_Sterling00 DIAMOND, No, Missouri
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A girl sat at her window, like all the other girls did. They were to sit at their windows, and watch the young men and the older men work outside. Well the girl, number 34135, sat at her window diligently, from sun rise to sun set. Outside her window was a tomato garden. A young boy, number 57212, worked there everyday, and gazed up at the girl, 34135.
One day the boy, 57212, stopped working and stared up at the window. The girl stared back down at him. She gave a small wave and the boy smiled. He gave a small wave, and the girl smiled. This happened for a week, waving every morning and every evening.
The next week, the boy made a odd shape with his hands and held it up towards the girl. Confused, she mimicked him and he smiled. They made the odd shape with their hands the rest of the week, every morning and every evening.
One day, the girl noticed a small lever on the corner of her window, and curiously pressed it. The window, which had always just been a piece of glass keeping her in doors, opened a crack at the bottom. Startled, the pushed it shut and glanced around, hoping no one saw, but everyone was busy looking out their own windows. She opened it a crack and listened to the sounds out the outdoors. Then she got an idea.
“Hello.” She called quietly to the boy, 57212. He glanced around, confused and glanced up at the girl. She waved and called to him again.
“Hello!” He yelled back, excitement on his face.
Not knowing what to say, she said “Hello!” again.
The next day she opened her window and called to him. When he saw her, he made the odd shape sign.
“What does that mean?” She asked, making it as well.
“It’s a heart. It means love.” The boy replied.
“What is love?” The girl asked, opening the window wider.
“Love is when you want to be with someone.” The boy said. “I love you.”
“I love you, too!” She called.
“Come down here. Come down here.” He held his hands to her and she glanced at how far it was to the ground.
“I will surely get hurt if I jump from this here window.” She replied nervously.
“I will catch you, because I love you.” The boy called back, standing under the window now.
She girl climbed through the window and clutched the sill as she hung precariously.
“Are you sure you will catch me?” She asked, her grip slipping..
“I will.” He assured her and she let go. She landed in the boys arm and smiled at his face. He was much more handsome up close than from the window.
The girl glanced up at the window and began to worry.
“How will I ever get back to the window?”
“You don’t need to go back there. Stay here with me and we can be 91347,” his blue eyes

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