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August 14, 2014
By Obi-Wan BRONZE, Bel Air, Maryland
Obi-Wan BRONZE, Bel Air, Maryland
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“I can't take anymore stress, it'll kill me.” I said pacing back and forth. “I know” he replied sitting on the couch just watching me. “It makes me so damn angry sometimes but the anger never lasts, its impossible for me to be angry for a very long time, it all ends up turning to tears. Just watch in five minutes I'll be a wreck.” He got up and put his hands on my shoulders, “Listen, if you're angry you can hit me to get it out of your system and when you break down I'll be the shoulder for you to cry on, ok?” I looked up at him, “Are you sure?” He nodded and took a step back bracing for the punches. I did punch him repeatedly as hard as I could mumbling all my complaints about the other boy, who now decides to apologize for everything, who does he think he is?! My punches grew weaker and I felt the tears burning behind my eyes. I rested my hands on his chest bowed my head and started sobbing. His arms enclosed around my waist, pulling me closer holding me up. The tears seemed never ending I was so tired of stressing and worrying I needed to cry I needed someone to care about me I needed someone to hold me. “I'm sorry I'm so sorry I shouldn't have hit you I'm so sorry” I kept mumbling over and over to him. He just rubbed my back and said, “Shhh shh it's ok, I'm here for you because I care about you.” I looked up at him tears still rolling down my cheeks, “Why do you care?” He sat us down on the couch and wiped my damp cheeks, “Because all you do is care about others and barely give any time to yourself so I'm giving that time to you now.” I just stared amazed, “Really?” He nodded, “Really?” He wrapped his arm around my waist and I just let myself relax, I felt my eyes closing. He started to run his fingers through my hair and I smiled curling even closer to him. There's that beautiful smile,” he whispered and I looked up at him. “It's not that great.” He nodded his head rapidly, “Yes it sooo is.” He leaned in closer to my face, “You know its really tempting how much I want to kiss you right now.” I barely choked out, “yes I know, you're so close.” I felt myself barely bite my lip and I saw his eyes widen and a broad smile spread across his face, “Y you bit your lip” I just stared at him and did it again, “D did I?” He nodded slowly his face turning red. I leaned in a tiny bit closer, “S sorry” “N n no you're not” he said and closed the distance between us, I felt the passion explode within me as our lips connect. It felt so right just to kiss him to feel his arms tighten around me. He broke the kiss and just stared at me, “You ok?” I nodded slowly and kissed his cheek. He pulled a blanket over us and kissed my forehead repeatedly, “I love you, you know that right?” I smiled resting my head against his chest, “Yes, and I love you.” Closing my eyes I let his comfort wash over me and drag me into a deep relaxing sleep.

The author's comments:
I wrote this all because of a person in my life who has helped me through a lot in the past week or so and this is my way of expressing my thanks to him, I hope you like it

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